Promote Yourself For More Traffic!

We’re all familiar with the notion of writing amazing content with good SEO structure being the first step in a good website. However, many guides fall off there because they do not adequately cover how to promote your content once you have created it!

These are just a few of the ways to get and keep traffic that I cover in my new report, “Traffic Building System: How to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Website“.

Outside of creating an excellent and fully optimized website it is also important to do what is called off-site optimization which involves promoting your website from other locations than your website such as:

Guest Blogging — Offer to contribute guest blog posts for others who market to your target audience complementary products. Include a compelling bio to be placed either at the beginning or end of each blog. Do consider using original blog posts with the audience in mind for each blog you guest on.

Article Marketing — Write keyword rich articles that give basic information and an overview of each topic designed to make the reader curious about clicking on your bio that is usually located at the end of your article. These articles usually must be original but some article marketing sites allow you to put the same article on other article marketing sites. Follow the rules for each place.

Blog Commenting — Writing high quality comments on other blogs in your niche can help establish your branding, relevance and knowledge in an area. This results in an increase in natural traffic. Commenting on blogs that allow you an extra backlink, such as longs running CommentLuv, will also help you build your SEO while linking to the piece of content that needs traffic.

Social Media — Promote everything you write, produce, or want to sell via your social media networks. Wherever your target audience resides on social media, you should be there too. It’s all fine and dandy to hang out with other business owners just like you, but this will not get you more targeted traffic to your website. So find out where your target market goes, and be there.

Forum Discussions — Find out where your target market participates in being social, and go participate there. When someone asks a question that you know the answer to, answer it. No need to use aggressive sales techniques on a forum, in fact, don’t, no one will appreciate it. Be generous with your help on the forum, and have a good signature line that they can click on for more information. – The awesome thing about is the number of users that are there, at your finger tips to entertain. You can use to create a weekly video blog that resides on but leads viewers to visit your website. An important aspect of a YouTube video aside from content, is the title that you choose to use to promote the video. Video optimization can also increase your views.

Give or Conduct Interviews – A really awesome website is, go check out what type of shows are there that your target market might listen to and then send the owner of the show your information and offer to be a guest. Oftentimes, offering a premium to give listeners is highly appreciated. In addition, you can start your own show and interview other people or simply do a show directed at your target market. Interviews are a powerful tool for both bloggers and other content creators alike.

Offline Promotion — Never forget the power of offline promotion for your website. Your URL should be on your business card, on your letterhead, and any other marketing collateral that you use regularly. Additionally, don’t forget to attend local business events, mixers, and chamber functions. The old ways of marketing still work regardless if you have a strictly online business, or a bricks and mortar business.

Press Releases — Another seemingly old fashioned promotion technique to get more traffic to your website is the good old press release. Anytime you have a story to tell be sure to send out a press release. You can do both online and offline releases just ensure that you send them to the right people.

If you’re promoting a blog post rather than an entire site brand, be sure to check out Kristi’s Ultimate Guide to Blog Post Promotion because it rocks.

Most people however are promoting their entire brand and wider tactics apply. Learn 7 additional tips to build traffic to your site here.

Which of these techniques are you using to promote your site? Which ones are you planning to add to your promotional strategies?

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