8 tips to increase your conversion rates

When it comes to marketing online only one thing matters after all the customer, traffic, social media, content posts, blog commenting, seo, any-traffic-source-out-there….it’s the conversion ratio and how well your optin rate is performing. Conversions affect how many click throughs you get, how many signups, how many orders were placed and the size of your newsletter list.

The trick is to reveal you just how amazing it is and how well it works, then get the social proof to the masses.

Below are 8 proven tips of just how little adjustments to a landing web page, social media or email campaigns, that made a huge difference when it came to traffic and engagement with your audience.

What Tiny Tweaks Will Have a Huge Impact on Your Conversion Rates???

1. Get the Social Proof

One of the best and easiest ways to grab your audiences attention is using video recorded social proof. Why? Most people don’t trust what your saying and want further evidence that it simply works, tastes great, makes money, lose weight, or whatever it is your trying to convert. When you see weightloss commercials you always see the before and after pictures, to see the proof before they buy.


To gain the trust of their customers that this product does in fact work, and here’s the proof how!

It’s that simple.

The best way to record the proof is live video, and honestly it doesn’t have to be good, just real and honest. You can record a social proof with just about any smart phone then upload to your blog or youtube channel. This method is also good for customer engagement on youtube comments, people will comment and ask questions.

2. Headline Tweaks

37 people ran a headline examination with ‘Google Site Optimizer’ on the sign-up web page for their Highrise software application. Of 5 revolved alternatives, a clear victor and the loser surfaced. The headline/subhead combo they had actually been making use of was the downright worst of em all.

The best and easiest from all 6 conversion options that led to 30 % even more sign-ups is the headline tweak.

3. Twitter Call to Activity

Interesting twitter tweets with a clear call to action do well in converting the clicks, as well as proper hashtagging.
This method can produce the best viral response in the shortest amount of time and user engagement.

Here’s some example of viral tweets by famous people



4. Marketing “Free”

It made a distinction just how they stated it was totally free in terms of conversion rates.

In today’s marketing, cost-free things also calls for a convincing promotion to get the sign-ups. So make it clear when it’s FREE to join or FREE to subscribe let your reader’s know that.

From “Enroll in Free,” “It’s Free,” or “Free Signup,” can you think which executed finest?

“FREE Signup” did…

By altering the sign-up switch from eco-friendly to red, Performable enhanced conversions by 21 %. CareLogger examined the very same point, as well as improved conversion by 34 %! Just how will you recognize exactly what colors function most effectively for you? Test, test, test i say

5. Best Colors to Use

You will not recognize for certain by digestive tract reaction alone– simply the numbers inform the fact. When tested on facebook ads or email sign up forms “RED” and “BLUE” came up on top as the best color to use for ads for best conversions. , but the best colors are RED and BLUE. And pink works well on facebook ads for some reason, but it does.

6. List building

Would certainly you want to ‘ramp up’ your email opt-in price by 310 %? Would you???

Of course you would…

With some fine tuning of tweaks, and also A/B testing, a real esatate business supplying a complimentary calender for a email opt-in list, can easily do that for example. But the best way to get a high optin rate for your email list building is giving something of high value “away”, like an ebook. And when you combine in social proof with something FREE with your list building, you got a one, two punch combo that will drive conversions and sales.

(Other marketing forms and average conversion rates – 2014)


7. Testimonials

Using testimonials is very powerful tool for customer proof and product satisfaction, and showing your potential customers that they are getting full value from your product recommendation they tried and tested. By all means ask your customers to submit their testimonies, they probably will be more than helpful, since you did solve a problem for them, with your solution. Keep the testimonial positive, real, service they received, and a picture.

And combining any one of these techniques is a really powerful way to increase your conversion and opt-in rates for your promotion.

(Example of testimonials)


On your blog or website testimonial:


8. About Me Page

One aspect that successful influential blog owners have is a great about me page. This conversion tweak is often over looked by many, but when people come to your blog what do they lookup first over your content – “Your About Me” page. People want to know who you are to gain their trust and build an audience of loyal followers. As you can see on my blog, my about me page is like a story or sort, what i have done, my accomplishments, pictures, education, and any skills that people should know about.

When building your custom ‘about me’ page just be honest and do not lie, that’s a complete trust and reputation destroyer.

And that’s it for my tips on getting better conversion rates in your marketing online, now get out there and execute!

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