scrubs, jd, john dorian, body bag, prankMost established advertisers on the website strive to achieve the best quality scores when conducting their ads and campaigns. This plays a major role in ranking your ad in the results of multiple search engines. There are 8 PPC tactics you may not yet keep on your radar that can help you reach this goal:

1. Addition of keywords

In each campaign, Google Ad-Words has a provision for the marketer to add ten thousand words keywords that are negative. However, most of the campaigns run without these words. This strategy will increase growth in profits. One has to find sources of keywords that are reliable and new. Identify what people are specifically searching for in your site and optimize them using the program of SEO on your site then add them to your PPC campaigns. Dedicating a whole group to a single keyword of high level helps in improving the ad’s performance by aligning them; this is because most groups of ad-words utilize numerous keywords.

2. Search ads dynamically using a specified URL

Its purpose is to use a specific page title or URL or the page content so that a former visitor to the page will be enticed to go back to that site before making a decision. One challenging task in this tactic is making an ad that is truly relevant to that particular person. This is taken care of by placing retargeting cookies that are unique on each of the specified pages or products on the website. This helps to establish the most important ads that can change that user’s mind.

3. Targeted page for an ad

It is important for an online marketer to select the most appropriate web page that a user opens after clicking on an ad. This is because landing on the home page instead of the page of that product can frustrate someone at times. This will impact negatively on the score of quality and conversions. That page should be very relevant, contain detailed information and load quickly.

4. Utilization of ad extensions

The recent reports by Google indicate that the rate of click through can be improved up to an average of seven percent if an entrepreneur takes advantages of the available ad extensions. Other improvements include social extensions at 5-10%, links of the sites by 20%, and call extensions by between 5-30%. The campaigns can be made more cost effective by making improvements on CTR. This will result in higher ranking of the ad and quality score.

5. Prioritization of key products

Most advertisers on PPC have to work on a budget that is limited. The Ad groups that are targeted come first for the reflection of the structure of that site ensuring that they are remain the main target by visitors. Also, negative keywords have to be assigned to them so that irrelevant searches are not shown on the Ads.

6. The intent of the ad commercially

The advertise has to emphasize on quality rather than quantity in terms of the number of times users click on an ad. It has to convert the few users clicking on it rather than have many users clicking on it and bounce immediately.

7. Ranking in terms of the top three

If the average position of ads and keywords is worse than three, the marketer has to review them by the application of filter. One then has to increase maximum bid and how relevant the destination page is.

8. Utilization of context 

An advertiser should not base decision making on a single statistic; it should be based on several facts of a similar aspect that creates an understanding of the situation by building a clear picture.

These 8 pay per click tactics that you may not yet keep on your radar can assist you to come up with PPC feedback that is of higher quality. All an advertiser has to do is strategize, plan execute with perfect timing.