Looking for a way to engage your visitors or present content in an interactive way?

Consider adding rich, layered and interactive motion content to your pages to help you add the wow factor your competitors are lacking. Rather than spending exorbitant amounts of money on custom Flash or javascript, utilize a landing page platform that gives you sophisticated, dynamic templates that empowers you to make beautiful pages with lots of “wow” — no code or development resources needed.

  • Improve your speed to market
  • Reduce your reliance on production resources
  • Entirely dynamic for marketer-managed updates

Tabs, accordions, rotators and lighboxes allow for “on page” content exploration, without sacrificing conversions. Make the most of your landing page real estate by incorporating one or more of these seven interactive elements.

1. Tabbed Content
Try using tabbed content to showcase product and/or service features.

2. Accordions
Accordions allow you to maximize space and and offer an interactive way to display and control large amounts of content. Accordions are especially useful for displaying information within mobile experiences.

3. & 4. Content & Product Rotators
Interactive rotators give you several dynamic ways to feature product imagery, testimonials and reviews.

5. Layered Content
Try layering content over images, without outsourcing to a designer.

6. Lightboxes
Trigger forms, special offers, or additional information (such as privacy policy) to be displayed in lightboxes.

7. Social Widgets
Last, but not least, add social widgets allowing visitors to ‘Like’ your page on Facebook, share on Google+ or tweet from their handle.

So, where, you may ask, can I find a landing page platform that can offer these “wow” features? Right here, of course!

Every “off the shelf” LiveBall platform comes with the above functionality. No code or Flash required. Ready-Made Widgets are completely dynamic and customizable — just use the widget editor to add your images, content, links. Many of the elements even support conditional logic!

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