Landing pages allow you to deliver ultra-relevant messages to hyper-targeted audiences, speaking to specific user needs and improving conversions. In fact, companies with 30+ landing pages get 7x as many leads as companies with less than 10 landing pages.

Good marketing is all about good landing pages, and the right gear can make your mission much easier. With templates, tracking, and testing, and these landing page tools are real lifesavers.

1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s main claim to fame is its heatmap tracking reports, showing where visitors are clicking on your pages. Crazy Egg lets you see exactly which parts of your page are attracting user attention (and you may be surprised by what you find).

crazy egg landing page tool

With Crazy Egg, you can run heatmap, scroll map, confetti reports, and more, providing valuable user experience insight at a pretty reasonable price. Don’t worry, there’s no weird hardware to install, and Crazy Egg promises a quick and painless setup process.

Crazy Egg notes that many customers end up discovering that website visitors are clicking on elements of the webpage that aren’t even links! Remedying these design mishaps will greatly improve your landing page’s engagement and conversion rates.

Crazy Egg pricing starts at $9/month, with higher tiers allowing for more page testing and more visitor traffic.

2. The Landing Page Grader from WordStream

WordStream’s Landing Page Grader uses your AdWords PPC account to evaluate your landing pages based on keyword relevancy, conversions, spend, form length, and more.

landing page grader

The Landing Page Grader also shows how you stack up against others in your industry, helping you find out where you need to improve in order to best the competition.

See if you’re meeting landing best practices and discover what changes you need to make in order to improve your landing page conversions with the free Landing Page Grader from WordStream!

3. Unbounce

Unbouce is one of the most well-known landing page tools on the web. Unbounce lets you build and test a wide variety of landing pages, no IT help required.

unbounce landing pages

Use Unbounce’s large selection of templates, or simply test and compare your own. Unbounce also integrates with other common marketing tools like MailChimp, Salesforce, Marketo, and more. Unbounce provides you with all the A/B testing tools you need to evaluate which of your landing pages are working best, and help you craft and hone the perfect page.

Unbounce starts at $49/month (with a 5,000 unique views traffic limit), with higher tier options for added features and more traffic.

4. Optimizely

Optimizely provides a very similar offering to Unbounce – create and test landing pages with a visual editor, no coding required.


Optimizely was co-created by Dan Siroker, who also served as Director of Analytics for Obama’s 2008 campaign, so you know your data is in good hands.

The major difference between Optimizely and Unbounce is that Unbounce provides some gorgeous built-in templates for you to use, while Optimizely does not.

Optimizely has a free offering with basic features for a single website. Enterprise business plans vary depending on your needs – talk with them to get a quote.

5. Ion Interactive Landing Page Assessment

The ion Interactive Landing Page Assessment asks you 13 multiple choice questions about your landing page (covering classic topics like relevancy, above-the-fold content, trust factors, etc).

landing page tools

At the end, you’ll get an overall score with recommendations for approval. This assessment relies on self-reporting, which isn’t the most accurate evaluation. Still, it’s a decent free tool if you’re still new to the fabulous world of landing page optimization.

6. Landing Page Analyzer

Visual Website Optimizer has a free Landing Page Analyzer tool that reviews and evaluates your landing page based off of 21 questions. Provide answers about your landing page, with questions inquiring about the number of offers on your landing page, the availability of product screenshots, landing page length, and more.

While the tool asks you to input your URL, it seems like most of the tool’s assessment stems from your answers to the 21 yes or no questions.

After answering the questions, you’ll get an overall grade, plus a score on specific areas that relate to overall landing page greatness.

landing page analyzer

The Landing Page Analyzer also provides a detailed feedback section, giving you suggestions on areas to improve upon. Again, the tool relies heavily on self-assessment, so obviously you’ll want to be truthful about your answers.

The Landing Page Analyzer is a solid free tool that lets you make sure you’re following the industry best practices for good landing pages. Ultimately you probably won’t learn anything you couldn’t have found out by reading up on best practices, but it’s certainly a more fun and engaging way to learn what your landing page needs.

7. Usability Hub Tests

Usability Hub allows you to create and test quick experiments. Have testers choose between two button colors and see which they prefer. Have them show you where they’d naturally click on your page to add an item to a shopping cart.

landing page tests

Choose from four different styles of mini-tests and then evaluate the results and make larger landing page design choices based on what you learn. You can either pay to run tests, or earn karma by being a part of other users’ tests. Earned karma can then be used to run your own tests!

I love how nifty Usability Hub’s little tests are. Not only can you gather great intel from them, they are also tons of fun to play with as a tester. I would gladly test and earn karma all day!

Do you have any landing page tools you want to recommend? Share your favorites in the comments!