Best SaaS Websites

You know the saying, “Never trust a skinny chef”? Well, we have another one: “Never trust a SaaS provider with a subpar site.” It’s a big red flag for buyers if a company that offers software as a service (SaaS) has a poorly executed website.

We took a look at IDG Connect’s 2016 list of “20 Red-Hot, Pre-IPO Companies” and compared each business’ site, choosing six we felt had an overall good design, but that also had some small opportunities for improvement. Read on to see the pros and cons of each and how software companies can create one of the best SaaS websites.

1. Adyen

Best SaaS Websites

The Product

Multi-channel payment platform that allows businesses to accept electronic payments online, on mobile devices and in-store.

What Adyen Is Doing Right

The home page instantly speaks to a B2B SaaS buyer’s pain point: how to easily collect payments from customers. The question, “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” also implies empathy. Adyen understands your frustrations and knows how to solve them. The call-to-action (CTA), Learn more, isn’t a hard sell—the company just wants you to discover how it can help.

What Adyen Could Do Better

While easy to read and digest, Adyen’s home page is a touch boring. A few more graphics, particularly in the area above the fold, could improve the user experience (UX). It’s also a good idea to make the CTA stand out more.

2. Alteryx

Best SaaS Websites

The Product

Software for preparing, blending and analyzing data, particularly for businesses that have needs beyond Microsoft Excel’s capacities.

What Alteryx Is Doing Right

Right away, the visitor knows exactly what Alteryx offers: self-service data analytics. While the website doesn’t have a clever tagline like other providers on this list, the direct approach can be just as effective. Additionally, the website hero area has two clear CTAs, one of which addresses buyers higher in the funnel—See Alteryx in Action—and the other targeting prospects who are further along in the buyer’s journey—Try Alteryx for Free.

What Alteryx Could Do Better

The home page has four content offers, but the icons and copy are among the smallest on the page. Featuring the resources more prominently could lead to more clicks and, in turn, more form submissions.

3. Aviso

Best SaaS Websites

The Product

Predictive analytics software for forecasting sales and making data-driven decisions about resource allocation.

What Aviso Is Doing Right

Aviso takes a more aggressive approach on its B2B SaaS website, declaring its solution can forecast sales numbers better than its visitors can and inviting them to challenge this claim. Though it’s a daring strategy, it’s certainly compelling. And it seems to be working, considering Aviso has Marketo, HubSpot and Pandora among its clients. Aviso is confident in its software, and it wants its visitors to know this immediately.

What Aviso Could Do Better

The sub-headline, “Who can call your number first?” is a little unclear. Rephrasing the question to be more along the lines of, “Who can call your sales numbers first?” could improve engagement.

4. Code42

Best SaaS Websites

The Product

Cloud-based data protection and security solution for enterprises to help them mitigate risks and recover from data loss.

What Code42 Is Doing Right

Code42 uses the hero message, “See What You Can’t”, to remind visitors “What you don’t know can hurt you.” There is no offer of a free trial or a demo right off the bat; instead, the company wants visitors to first learn about endpoint data protection and how essential it is to their business. Code42 understands its type of solution isn’t as well-known as project management software or a CRM system, so its B2B website content must explain the benefits of modern endpoint backup in general, rather than focusing solely on the benefits of its particular software.

What Code42 Could Do Better

It’s great Code42 is using its site to teach visitors about data protection, but there aren’t many CTAs where prospects can actually contact the company directly. Code42 should make it as easy as possible for B2B SaaS buyers to get in touch with a sales rep when they’re ready to talk.


Best SaaS Websites

The Product

Sales acceleration platform that features lead scoring, predictive forecasting, multi-channel communication and gamification capabilities.

What Is Doing Right’s home page approach is similar to Code42 in that its headline, “Don’t Be Blindsided”, conveys the idea that ignorance is not bliss. The company also takes the multi-level CTA approach with See a Demo (which requires a contact form submission) and Dashboard Tour, which has ungated screenshots of its solution.

What Could Do Better

The hero image, a blindfolded quarterback, is definitely intriguing, but it’s not relevant to sales forecasting software. Using a photo of a blindfolded businessman might be a better idea.

6. Nutmeg

Best SaaS Websites

The Product

Online investment management software.

What Nutmeg Is Doing Right

Nutmeg’s home page has a clear path to conversion with a CTA that includes clever copy (Test it out) that beats other SaaS websites. The site outlines the advantages of Nutmeg’s solution throughout the page with a simple, clean design and additional, clear CTAs. It also has an interactive calculator that allows visitors to see how Nutmeg can help their business specifically.

What Nutmeg Could Do Better

There aren’t any higher funnel conversion opportunities on its home page—every CTA is to demo Nutmeg’s solution or speak with an associate. The company could benefit from giving buyers who are still in earlier stages of the buyer’s journey a chance to engage with the brand without committing to a demo.

The Takeaway

A B2B SaaS website is the welcome mat for the provider’s brand and is often a buyer’s initial introduction to the business. It’s important to use engaging messaging, effectively demonstrate the value of the solution and eliminate friction between the visitor and the desired conversion event. The best SaaS websites are useful to a prospect no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey and wow them the moment they hit the home page.