Online Press Release OptimizationWhether online or offline, press releases should announce an event, performance, new product or service, or other newsworthy item to the press.  However, if the press release is only sent out via traditional methods and not via the internet their full marketing benefits may not be realized.

  1. Media Exposure – Pushing out content to the media via a press release may garner an organization television, newspaper, magazine or radio coverage.  If the coverage is on the media outlet’s website it may be syndicated across dozens, even hundreds of other websites.
  2. Search Engine Optimization – If a website link is included in the press release that link may get picked up by Google as a factor for ranking a website higher.  According to SEOmoz, these links account for up to 42% of a website’s ability to rank on Google.
  3. Referral Traffic – Once a press release is pushed out on the wire via the Internet those individuals that are exposed to the release will have the ability to click on the link in the press release and visit an organization’s website.
  4. Brand Exposure – The more online real estate a brand resides on the more exposure that brand has on the Internet.  Brand popularity also accounts for 7% of a website’s ability to rank according to SEOmoz.
  5. Search Engine Reputation Management – If an organization or brand name appears in the title of a press release that release has a very good chance of coming up on the first page of Google for the organization or brand name. If there are any negative search results the press release may push the negative link to the second page.
  6. Social Media – It’s a little known secret that tens of thousands of Twitter accounts auto-post from press release wires. If a press release has the keyword phrase in its title that twitter accounts subscribe to than it’s possible to get hundreds even thousands of tweets with the press release in it.  Social signals account for as much as 7% of a websites ability to rank on Google according to SEOmoz.

If the above six reasons for issuing online press releases aren’t enough stay tuned for our soon to be released Online Press Release Optimization Guide.  It’s a step by step reference that explains where to publish, how to write, how to publish, and how to optimize press releases for maximum inbound marketing benefits.  In the mean time, see 10 SEO To-do’s When Writing & Submitting Press Releases.