5 Ways a Yearly Timeline Can Help Search Engine MarketingTime is a vital aspect of search engine marketing campaigns, and an understanding of how to use it to your advantage can be a boon to an online business. Here are five ways to use time to improve search engine marketing.

1. Offer Seasonal Promotions

Update the content of your web marketing campaigns to offer new deals and promotions based on the change in seasons. Just as department stores prepare their window displays to promote products appropriate for the time of year, do something similar with your site’s home page.

2. Consider Global Events

If you sell products that relate to a specific event, such as the Olympics, attempt to capitalize on this. For instance, if you incorporate PPC ad optimization and the World Cup is approaching, alter your keywords to target soccer fans.

3. Prepare Back to School Marketing

If September is approaching, base your marketing around a back to school campaign. All students will need to buy supplies, so prepare your advertising accordingly to attract as many education levels as possible (high school, college/university, etc.).

4. Plan for Peak Travel Times

Popular times for vacations and other reasons for travel differ based on where you live. These periods are great times to revise your online ad campaigns or web marketing strategies. This can also be a good time to investigate your pricing; you might be able to raise your prices a bit to meet demand, thus offsetting any search engine optimization costs.

5. Celebrate Milestones With Clients

Examine which holidays and the like are important to your business and base sales and promotions on those dates. For example, engage clients as part of a huge promotion based around your business’ one-year anniversary.

This article 5 Ways a Yearly Timeline Can Help Search Engine Marketing was originally published at Numero Uno Web Solutions and has been republished with permission.

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