As a follow-up to my recent blog post, Making the Case for Dynamic Content, I wanted to give you five ideas for using dynamic content on your landing pages.

Before experimenting with dynamic content, remember that there are two types that can be leveraged in a landing page management platform like LiveBall.

  • Dynamic content insertion allows for data that is either passed into or collected to be inserted into page content.
  • Dynamic content substitution allows for entire page elements (headline, form, image) to be replaced based on data that is passed into, or collected in, the landing page.

The examples below all utilize either dynamic insertation or subsitution as tactics to create peronalized, relevent exeriences for your visitors.

1. Keyword Target Landing Pages
Why serve up the same page content for everyone when you can serve up dynamic content that is relevant? Different headlines for different ads. Different images for different audience segments. You can create one basic page, and then extend it with dynamic content to ensure that it is relevant to the audience that lands there. In this example, eMusic uses dynamic images, headlines, and content in a standard template for artist-specific keyword searches. Cool stuff, and definitely a conversion booster!

2. Pre-populate Forms
Pre-population of forms with known data is particularly useful for building a lead profile or for reducing form friction. This tactic works well for progressive profiling or multi-step form experiences. Below, my known information was passed dynamically on the query string to pre-populate the lead form. Additional information is required to register for the webinar, but some of the work as been done for me!

3. Customize Multi-Step Experiences
If you have a long form and you’ve tested it as multi-step experience, you’ve probably witnessed decreased bounce rates along with increased conversion rates. With dynamic insertion (or substitution for that matter) you can take your multi-step landing page to the next level. In this example, dynamic content “pays off” the previous form submit with relevant content and encourages visitors to continue moving through the conversion funnel.

4. Personalize Thank You’s
As we all learned early in life, “thank you” is one of the most important phases in the human vocabulary. In addition to providing additional, supporting information and resources to continue engagement with your brand, dynamic content insertation allows you to add post-conversion personalization. In this example, iomega uses my first name and company name to customize my thank you page.

Your Images

5. Dynamic insert meta data
Well, #5 doesn’t have an awesome landing page to stand by it, but I feel its important to mention. Knowing the impact of meta data on quality score, dynamic customization of meta titles, descriptions and content is critical. Used correctly, dynamic insertion of keywords into meta data on pay-per-click landing pages can help improve quality score and be a huge time saver when creating hundreds of landing pages.

Well, there we have it: five ways to use dynamic content to create more targeted, relevant and personalized landing pages.

Have you tried these tactics? How else are you leveraging dynamic content on your landing pages?

I’d love to hear your stories!