How many e-mails do you get per day? I get a lot. Thanks in part due to priority inbox, I get to the important ones, and leave the others for “later.”

Later = never in most cases.

Last month Chris Hosford over at BtoB Marketing magazine said, “as email inboxes become more cluttered, marketers find themselves grappling with declining click-through rates.” So, of the click-throughs you are getting, what are you doing to maximize your chances for conversion?

Whether you’re looking to nurture leads, or capture a sale, sending visitors to a targeted landing page will increase your likelihood of getting the visitor to do what you want.

5 Ways to Improve Email Landing Pages

  1. Unlike a pay-per-click ad, your email is likely branded with your colors, fonts and logo. This increases the need for a direct match between your “ad” (the email) and your landing page. If the two don’t match, your bounce rate is likely to be high. Be sure there is a clear match between the two.
  2. The offer you make in your e-mail should be clearly paid off on the landing page. Do you promise a coupon for 15% off? Have a quickly printable coupon for 15% off on the landing page. Not 10% off, or buy one get one free,  it has to be 15% off to increase trust and relevancy. This is a basic landing page tip, but an important reminder.
  3. Have a mobile-optimized landing page. With the sheer number of people who check email on their mobile devices today, it only makes sense to have a mobile-optimized landing page to capture those visitors. (Grab our free Top 10 Mobile Tips guide)
  4. Offer content for “free” on the landing page. If you’re using email marketing to drive downloads of a white paper or some other content, don’t require a reg form. You already have the persons contact information, so offer it for free. Simply track the download activity for your lead scoring.
  5. Make your landing pages social. Most e-mails are very brand focused, instead try adding in more social or humanizing elements to start a conversation. You could try something as simple as including a Facebook button and inviting people to join you there where they can receive deals in their news stream. I know I don’t check every email in my inbox but I pretty consistently check my Facebook news stream, maybe your customers or leads do too.

You can further increase the click-though rate and conversion rate of your email campaigns by learning from the information that got the person to opt-in in the first place. Look at the source, if it’s from a landing page or reg form – did they segment on either? If so, use that information to personalize your message.

For instance, if you ask your visitors to segment on the landing page by small business or enterprise, you can use that information to tailor your subject line to increase clicks, and also tailor your message to drive traffic to the email landing page. Then based on that information you can better choose what content or offers would be most relevant to the recipient, and tailor the offer to better increase your chances for winning the conversion.

It’s all about segmentation and personalization! The more specifically you can speak to someone, the better the chances are you can persuade them to take your desired action.

What are you doing to increase click-through and conversion rates in your email marketing campaigns? Leave a comment below and share!