Sheryl is a passionate food blogger. She spends most of her time either working from a coffee shop or within the confines of the white walls of her home. Two years down the line, and several cups of coffee and sleepless nights later, she is barely able to squeeze any revenue from her blog. Sheryl truly enjoys blogging about her love for food, and earning a good income from this passion would make it even more fun, but it just isn’t happening.

Just like Sheryl, many bloggers and online publishers find themselves struggling to make a living income off their blog. In this post, I explain 5 simple ways bloggers can maximize the revenue they earn from their blogs.

Join An Ad Platform Or Network

Ad platforms or networks offer you a good way to make money on your blog by helping you monetize empty spaces on your site(s) with ads. Advertisements, even though widely debated, are unquestionably the single largest contributor to revenue being earned from online content.

Ad networks connect advertisers with publishers who are willing to host ads and connect these advertisers to their audience. One quick way to earn money is to join an ad network and run ads of various advertisers/brands on your blog.

Here’s how it works. The more engagement there is between your audience and your ads, the more commission you are likely to earn from those ads. But what you must keep in mind is your user experience – it’s the holy grail to building good quality traffic. So, you must choose a platform that serves ads that remain relevant to your content AND your audience.

Another point of consideration is the kind of guidance you may need to monetize with ads. If you are new to ad monetization, it’s probably best to choose a platform that offers you assistance with managing your ads and revenue.

Google AdSense and, to mention but a couple, are good examples of popular and high-performing ad networks you can join.

Sell Your Own Products And Services

A quick flashback to Sheryl: she was a great cook, and perhaps an even better food blogger, but she found it difficult to earn from her skills. For example, she could have taken the next step up from the blog and created a cookbook.

Ever considered creating a course? Or an online training module and charging people a nominal fee to learn and acquire certain skills? You should really try it. You can create a one-month intensive course that appeals to your existing blog audience, letting you monetize what you do for a passion.

Run Sponsored Posts

Be a mini advertiser. Sponsored posts are a go-to once you’re on your way to being an established blogger. You decide the type of content you’d want put up on your blog and charge for it. Once you have a good number of visitors on your blog, you can go ahead and publish sponsored posts for brands/advertisers. Get quality content for your website and have them pay you for it. It’s a win-win scenario and a trend that is wildly popular within the blogging community right now.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is based on a three-partner model: the advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer. How does this work? You, the publisher, sign up on an affiliate website, like Clickbank, Jvzoo etc., to promote a given product to your audience. You’ll get a unique affiliate code through your referrals that can be tracked, and once you make a sale, you get a commission from the sold item.

How this differs from sponsored posts is that you do not get paid for merely advertising the brand; your commission is dependent on when your blog visitors actually buy things from the advertisers.

Premium Content Access (A.K.A. Gated Content)

Remember that one time you saw an intriguing bit of content online and hastily clicked on it only to find out that you’d actually have to pay a subscription fee in order to view it? That’s an example of gated content.

This can be a good way to make money off a well-established blog that boasts high-quality content. Many big sites, including news networks, already implement this model to varying degrees.

No one ever said making money from blogging was easy, but if you take action and implement any of the monetization options above (if not all of them), you’re sure to start making a good income from your blog in no time.