Looking for Ways to Keep Visitors Hanging Out on Your Website Longer - Above Promotions Company Tampa FL PR Digital Marketing Agency
Looking for Ways to Keep Visitors Hanging Out on Your Website Longer – Above Promotions Company Tampa FL

You have the right domain name, great search engine terms, the perfect mobile ready and responsive design website around, great speed rates and are still wondering why your visitors are spending less than a minute on your site.

Beyond speed to load and balancing content with other visually appealing aspects to draw in visitors, here are five additional methods to use to keep visitors on your site longer.

1. Video Content.

According to WebDAM, visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text and videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%. These numbers cannot be ignored. Having a video is a great way to convert sales and build intrigue with your product. But many of you realize this and it’s why your Youtube page has several videos sitting idly by hoping for traffic. You have created great videos, but have yet to incorporate them to your website for either coding reasons or lack of knowledge about easy tools to make it happen.

There are several web plugins to help you tie in your videos. For those of you on WordPress platforms, you can easily download a free tool called, Smart Youtube Pro. The tool has over one million downloads and offers a more visually appealing look to your site. Simply paste your Youtube, Vimeo or other link to an existing video on the internet and you can easily add more time for people to be on your site and for you to gain their trust. (Please note: The first video your visitors come to should not be long in length. This would reverse your chance to get them to stay longer to review the rest of your site.)

2. Slide Shows.

Slide presentations are a great way to show content in a more visual and light manner. A well prepared slide show is also a great way to use information and images to draw visitors into your products or services. Also, for those who lack the video production budget, slide presentations can also help to drive home your brand while appearing savvy. Only smart people create presentations, right?

Another great tool for WordPress site users is seoslides by Alorum. Slideshare is a great website and helps with SEO, but seoslides allows you to embed your presentations anywhere. In other words, you can now place your awesome presentation from a recent conference on your own website and still draw in traffic due to the ability they provide to build your own SEO-optimized slides.

3. Link to internal content on the website.

It really is quite the basic thought but missed by many. If your website has related topics, why not link to them? With strategic linking to quality content on your page, you can keep visitors hungry for your website. They could easily end up visiting more pages and reading more information while subconsciously realizing you offer them great value.

In particularly on your blog, you will fall in love with the widget, LinkWithin. It gives you an opportunity to visually link other articles you posted on your blog underneath one post. It’s a great way to prevent older stories from losing traffic.

4. Add chat feature.

Let’s face it. Many industries require users to be able to ask questions about products. If your site doesn’t have a FAQ section or a forum, adding a chat feature allows visitors to obtain answers to questions they are in search of when visiting your site. You may wonder if answering a question is really a way to keep people on your site longer, however, just think about the length of time it takes to have a text conversation online. When done properly, your chat personnel can win over visitors by converting them to customers. Great customer service wins over potential customers more often than not.

Not only because you can have a help desk ticket feature along with the chat one with LiveZilla, but being able to do it on mobile devices is really the icing on the cake for businesses.

5. Give something away.

Some things are just that simple in marketing. People still love free stuff. If you determine the right item to offer for free which will cost your business very little, but still offers visitors value, you may just win at converting some visitors. In the B2B world, free downloads of white papers work very well. Podcasts are also great for businesses selling knowledge.

Buzzsprout is a podcast publishing software that allows you to embed your podcast on your site and has an easy to use mobile player. Of course, B2C organizations can also find a benefit in using this player as well.

So what do you think? Have you used any of these tools? Looking to try any out?

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