PPC Ad Writing

The biggest challenge in any kind of search marketing is crafting the right copy for the tactic. In PPC, your ad copy can make or break your campaign, so it’s important to invest time and effort into getting it right.

A good PPC ad has a pretty basic structure: an eye-catching headline, a specific all to action, and a solid structure (which earns you a higher Quality score). When done well, your ads can boost click through rates, conversions, and so much more.

If you’re looking to write better PPC ads while maximizing your ROI, use these five tips from our PPC team to take your campaigns to the next level:

1. Differentiate from the Competition

All types of merchants face the challenge of offering the same service or product as a competitor. However, if you’ve assessed the competition, you’ll know that there’s an opportunity for you to do something a little different and that little difference is what separates a great ad from a weak one. Think about your differentiators and include them in your ad copy so that even if you’re serving up a similar service or product, there’s a way to persuade users away from the competition.

PPC Unique PPC AdPPC Unique PPC Ad 2

PPC Pro Tip: Make a list of differentiators for your entire site, your product or service categories, and then your individual products or services. This way, you can pull from this list as you write ads for different landing pages. Try to focus on adjectives, value propositions, and other words that sell VALUE.


2. Improve your Call to Action

A killer call to action is what makes a great PPC ad. “Buy Now” may be the standard, but calls to action that create a sense of urgency or appeal to a user’s emotions can be so much more powerful. For example, on an ad for a ski resort, one might use “Book Now” as a call to action. Instead, try something like, “Imagine yourself racing down the slopes.” You might be surprised at the conversion rate!

PPC AD Call to Action

PPC Pro Tip: Try multiple calls to action and test to see which ones perform and which ones don’t. From there, remove the weak performers and boost the strong ones. You might discover a better understanding of which calls to action speak to a particular audience.

3. Reduce Risk

Shopping with a new merchant or choosing a new service provider can be intimidating, so ease users into it and provide some reassurance that they’re choosing the right business by reducing risk in your ad copy. Try including language that refers to your free return policy, lifetime warranty, shipping deal, or customer support line. These types of phrases can ease customer worry and make them feel more inclined to take action.

PPC Ad Reduce Risk

PPC Pro Tip: Check with your customer service team to see which risk reduction tactics apply closest to the FAQs you seem to get.

4. Establish Credibility

It’s all about building trust and the more you can offer, the better your PPC ad may perform. Try including details in your ads that can establish credibility and improve your CTR by letting users know that you’re trustworthy and offer real value.

PPC Establish Credibility

PPC Pro Tip: Stuck on what establishes credibility? Business age, membership in professional organizations, awards, and BBB ratings are all great starts.

5. Include Product Features

Want your PPC ads to sell their value quickly? Include product features or info on what the product or service actually does to improve not only the user’s understanding of what you offer, but also the performance of your ad. For example, if you sell high efficiency light bulbs, include potential energy savings costs in your ad.

PPC Ad Product Features

PPC Pro Tip: Be sure to do some competitive analysis with this one to ensure that your ads are selling a different feature than your competitors – or alternately, selling the same feature better!

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