Landing pages help convert leads by offering value through personalized content that reinforces the messaging and focus of a campaign. Hubspot reports that landing pages are the most effective way to capture lead information as brands with 40+ unique landing pages generate 12x more leads than those without. Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and earn more leads by leveraging these 5 tips for better landing pages.

  1. Segment Page Content

Keep page content relevant to the campaign that is driving traffic to the page. Landing pages should be used to echo the calls to action in the initial campaign as an effort to convert more quality leads. Personalize the experience to individual audience segment interests and behaviors by altering the copy, imagery, media types, layout, offering, tone, and a variety of additional features. To increase conversions, create multiple styles of landing pages for each unique ad campaign driving traffic.

  1. Promote Benefits, Not Products/Services

Content that converts best on landing pages tends to focus around the benefits of a product or service, and not the actual product or service itself. To creative effective content, identify what separates your offering from competitors and make that key factor an easily identifiable part of your page at first glance. Another way to promote your benefits is to include user-generated content, which helps establish trust and can be more effective than brand generated copy due to its personalized nature. To incentivize engagement, give something back to users in return for their time and information such as a free download, webinar, or coupon.

  1. Grab Attention Fast

You only have a small window to convince users to engage with your page, so design your page layout and content to grab attention fast. The five-second rule is a usability test to examine the impact and clarity of a web page. Average online behavior shows that users will abandon your page if you cannot grab their attention and compel them to engage within the first few seconds, so test accordingly. Make your page clear and easy to understand at a glance. Speak directly to your customer with specific and quantitative information. Increase conversions with strong calls to action that create a sense of urgency and page designs that create a natural flow for users. Be sure to keep your most important information above the fold and leverage colors and whitespace to draw attention to key attributes.

  1. Keep It Simple

With only a few short seconds to capture a lead, simplicity is key for earning conversions. Writing should be kept concise and unassuming to increase the ease of digestion. Offer value through content and promotions, and remove unnecessary barriers to entry. By only asking for the information you really need you can make it appear to users that they are getting more for less. Additionally, make it easy for users to find your contact information if they chose to reach out directly.

Page design plays another major component in the simplicity and usability of your landing pages. As with content, less is often more. Don’t overwhelm with images and video, instead, use them to accent and support your focus. Another common issue can be forgetting to design for all devices. Your page may convert well on desktop, but lack in mobile engagement. To increase conversions across all devices, thoroughly test your pages and leverage responsive design to create fully accessible pages from any device.

  1. Test and Track

The best way to develop an effective campaign is to consistently monitor, measure, and adjust campaigns. Start by analyzing historical data to see what has worked and what hasn’t in past campaigns. For current campaigns, use A/B testing to compare images, copy, offers, and layout within audience segments and across all campaigns to identify key engagement drivers. Easily track conversions by creating unique thank you pages to measure the completion of the conversion funnel. Additionally, eye tracking and conversion pixels can grant additional insight into how users engage with your page and what is halting conversions. At the end of a campaign, we recommend conducting a postmortem to discuss the obstacles and opportunities uncovered so your team can better prepare for future campaigns and landing page development.


Landing pages are a key factor in capturing conversions for your campaigns. They can help echo the messaging and showcase benefits with clear and concise delivery. Keep these best practices in mind to expand your reach and close more leads. For a closer look at creating effective landing pages and growing your digital authority, explore our free white papers and education in our learning center.