People frequently use search engines to find locations, addresses and business services. There are several free, map technologies available that your business can use to advertise your brick and mortar location help drive footfall, leads and sales. Adding your business to Google Maps makes great commercial sense. The free to use platform gives you a wide coverage and ensures performing local search can find you.

1. More people in the UK have Google Maps app than Facebook.1

In the GSMA Mobile Media Metrics Report Issued on UK Mobile Applications Usage there were 8.75 million mobile users that had applications on their phone. 6.42 million of those users accessed Google Maps while only 3.46 million accessed Facebook.

Social media may well be the talk of the town but more people are using Google Maps to find information about local places. If someone is new to an area or is just visiting on business or pleasure then they will use the map to get around. If your business has a prominent position for your business category in local search you have a great chance of being found

By adding your business to Google Maps you get access to over a tenth of the population of the UK, for free.

2. Local Search Grew by 207% from Sep 2007

More and more people are turning to search in fact in June 2011, 28 Million people searched Google with 1.4 bn search queries.

The greater the amount of people that are turning to search for answers means that more and more people will be looking locally for trusted suppliers.

3. 6% of Users say they conduct a local search every day.

Taking the fact that 28 million people search Google in one month that means, taking a month with 30 days leaves 9.333 million people search Google every day and that means that throughout the UK there are 56,000 searches for local businesses each and every day. By adding your business to Google Maps you stand a great chance of your business being found by new and interested business partners.

4. People frequently use search engines

More local business, 53% of searches are being conducted without a specific business in mind, once again showing that more research is being done online in the early stage of the search process.

29,680 is the amount of people looking for a business or service in the UK when they have not yet decided who they will use to provide that service. While 26,320 of those searches know who they want to deal with and are looking for further information. Regardless of which camp your business sits in you need to make sure that when the user searches for you; be it your business or your product or service your business is represented in a way that compels them to get in touch with you.

5. Local Search results are the most relevant and trusted.

61% and 58% of people said that local search results were the most relevant and the most trustworthy respectively. Part of the problem in the past with online marketing methods was that people were dubious about the results. More and more people trust the local results online and that is another reason to add your business to Google maps.

Why should you add Your Business to Google Maps

Putting aside the facts from above Google Maps is free and allows your business to capitalise on local searches. Adding a detailed map of your location makes it easy for customers to find you or contact you – your website, your physical address and phone number are also listed. The set up procedure in Google Plus Local, also allows you to offer discounts or vouchers to provide an extra incentive for those online customers to become real life customers.

Google Plus Local takes all the elements of local search, business directory listing, daily deal sites, review site and rolls it all into one and then places it in front of a targeted local audience.

Things to ensure when adding you Business to Google Maps

Google has an authentication process that requires business owners to verify that they are the true owner of the business in question. Take the time to verify your business so you can take control of your businesses online repuatation.

Add all the information that Google gives you the opportunity to add. Include relevant descriptions and add flair with images and videos. A thorough map listing contributes to your business being more prominently displayed than others.

How do you put your Business on The Map.

In order to add your business to Google Maps you need to open a Google plus Local Account. Click here to learn more about Google plus Local, register the address and accompanying details of your business. The service is very simple and easy to follow. You can learn more about Google plus Local here!


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