In this five-part blog series on creating effective landing pages, we look at how to incorporate concepts like online testing, user experience (ux), social media and SEO into your landing pages to put together a high-converting program. 

Part 1: Why conversion rates are more important than click-thru rates

Are you still using click-thru rates as your core metric? Learn how you can correlate your online marketing activities to ROI much easier by tracking conversion rates.

Part 2: How to get your landing pages ready for testing 

It’s not uncommon to hear conversion-oriented marketers say test, test, test but before you start testing, you might consider making sure these four UX (user experience) items are taken care of. Not doing so can throw off your true conversion rate.

Part 3: Developing long-term relationships with landing page visitors

Don’t let your relationship with a visitor end once they’ve converted. Continue the relationship by using these tips for getting social with your landing page visitors!

Part 4: When should your landing pages be SEO-friendly?

Not all landing pages should be optimized for the search engines, but many of them can be. Check out this post for more on when to create SEO-driven landing pages.

Part 5: How many landing pages do you need?

This number will be ever evolving. Check out this post to see why!

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