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As 2017 comes to a close, it’s time for business owners to evaluate the year that will soon be.

It is crucial for online businesses to scale and measure their progress this year so they can improve further in the coming years. It’s not enough to rest on your laurels after a good year. The challenge is to continually innovate yourself and find ways to one-up yourselves to achieve even greater success.

To help you prepare for the incoming year, below are resolutions that you need to do for your website:

I will provide better services

What better way to make your business more successful than to provide better services?

However, finding ways to improve your services is easier said than done. You need to dig deeper and unearth data and analytics to find gaps that you can capitalize on with your business. For some, that amount of number-crunching can be too overbearing for one’s business.

For a more straightforward way to understand how to improve your products, you need to survey your current customers. Since they’ve subscribed to your services, they are very familiar with what you’re offering and therefore have insights on how to make it better. To help you get started, you need to develop your customer survey from the ground up. Identifying your goals and refining your questions are crucial steps to get the best data and improve your services.

I will improve my online brand

One of your many goals as a business owner is to make your audience remember your brand. Therefore, you need to stand out from the pack by using social media as a way to engage with your target market. Managing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others allow you to build a fanbase and cultivate a relationship with them.

If you need help with your social media, here are trends that you need to stay on top of so you can make the most out of your efforts in these channels.

I will attract more traffic to my site

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There are lots of ways to get more people to visit your site, but SEO remains the best of the lot. The key is to rank on top of Google organic search for your target keyword, a position that accumulates around ⅓ of clicks from users.

Ranking at this position is tough but not impossible. All you need to do is observe the best and latest SEO trends in this post to increase your chances of ranking.

I will put clients and customers first

Customers can be a demanding bunch. They reserve the right to complain about every single thing regarding your services. However, they shouldn’t be moaning if you offer a spectacular product.

While there will be a handful who will still file a complaint with you despite having a great product in hand, you need to ease their concerns through your customer support. How fast and appropriate you, or your team will respond to the queries of your customers will decide whether they will remain customers or not.

For business owners looking to build a customer support team moving forward, here are tips you need to follow to get started.

I will efficiently build and manage my team

The key to business growth is entrusting your business processes to trustworthy and talented people. While it is difficult to find both qualities in a professional, it should not stop you from constantly looking for people to build your team. If you need help with hiring people, take a cue from Richard Branson on how to find the right people for your business.

Once you have rounded out your staff, the next and most challenging step is to keep them on board. Employee churn and turnover is a threat to your business – you cannot grow it if you can’t make your staff stay for long. By engaging your employee and giving them reasons to stay, then you can develop consistency and stability in your business, which will make the transition to growing it much easier.


These New Year resolutions should help you get a head start for a better 2018. However, as with most resolutions, you need to follow through and remain steadfast with your resolutions. It’s easy to lose sight of your goals months after the new year has arrived. To truly unleash the potential of your business, you need to commit to your resolutions until the very end to reap the benefits.