Everyone knows that Google Ads is one of the best ways to get new leads for various businesses. Competition is fierce on Google. Every day you see a bunch of other advertisers that make bids on the same keywords and get more clicks and traffic to their websites.

Do you know that 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising? Every day Google displays around 6 billion ads in search. That’s a lot.

To catch people’s eyes on your ads and get them to click, you should create effective Google Ads. Here are some tricks on how to create killers ads to stand out from the crowd.

1. Do Competitive Keyword Research for Google Ads

Any Google Ads campaign starts with in-depth competitive keyword research. It helps not only analyze the competitive landscape but also create a killer campaign. Moreover, you will better understand the behavior of your target audience, how they search and which keywords generate the most leads.

Tools like SE Ranking Keyword Suggestion Tool will help you grasp the essentials of your competitors’ advertisements, evaluate which ones work best and find the perfect benchmark to write your own high-performing Ad copy.

You can also view how your competitors’ ads look like in search, which keywords they are using and what rankings they are having. You can review the overall history of their ads, view their failures and avoid making the same mistakes.

2. Set location targeting

If you sell services or products locally, setting up your targeting within different geographic areas might work best to reach your audience. Try to focus on ad targeting at specific locations, analyze and test which ad performs better. To advertise your business locally, here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Make locally-focused ads instead of broad. Create eye-catching headlines and text ads that can directly associate with your customers. Add locations, zip codes or other geographic points to your titles and copy that will help them find you in the locale.

  • Mention landmarks, attractions, and regional colloquialisms to guide people to your location.
  • Add your local phone numbers in order for customers to instantly click to call within your ads. The study shows that adding local numbers can double conversions. Once you include numbers to your ads, you can track and analyze them within your Google Ads campaigns using different call tracking service for PPC.

3. Add a compelling call to action

You know that creating the advertising copy should combat a problem customers are trying to solve. If ads’ headlines help grab the attention, then calls to action should work as a vehicle to selling your products and persuade customers to engage with the ad.

General phrases like “click here”, “buy now”, “subscribe now” are less effective and productive as customers know that they need to click your ads and visit the website. Instead, you should show them why they need to visit your website and what benefits they will get. Here is a great example from Work Examiner that offers a free trial without any credit cards to test their employee monitoring solution:

Your CTAs should tell customers what they should expect after visiting the landing page. If you create your CTA correctly, you can drive a lot of conversions and the overall page performance. The landing page should be a true reflection of your CTA.

4. Include symbols and numbers

Using symbols and numbers in a creative way can help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers’ attention. Depending on your advertising goals, you can use them in your title and text ads.

Use numbers for specificity. For example, “50% off” sounds better than “Summer Sales”. If your business offers a money-back or satisfaction guarantee, you can include these points in your ads as “100% guarantee” what will help customers know what they get.

5. Make your ads personal

John Kuraoka said: “The best word is the customer’s name. The second-best word is “you”. Creating the advertising copy that resonates is difficult because we can’t add customers’ first names to Google Ads automatically. So, we have to go with the second-best word. Using the power words like “we”, “you”, “I”, “me”, etc. increase the ad’s performance and persuades them to click.

We always should remember that we create ads for people, not for search engines.

Bonus tip

Today you will find a lot of tips online about how to effectively create Google ads. However, each business has different goals and use different tactics. To find out what works best for your online business, testing is the key to the success of your advertising campaign.

Don’t think that the first version of your ads will be effective. And there is no golden rule on how to create great ads. Testing, testing and again testing will help you find out which of your ads are working the best. Analyze and test your campaigns and ads. You can be a great writer and know how to speak to your target audience, but only the audience will define which one works best.


PPC will continue to evolve, but using the classic advertising tactics mentioned here will be the pivot as basic human behavior is at the heart of each. Writing the Ads copy can be fun, but it will take some time and efforts to see what things work well for your audience and what yield poor returns.

So, if you want to run successful campaigns, you should constantly test your advertising copy and use tools to tweak your offers, keywords, and ads to make sure that everything works towards your goals.