Appealing to the target audience on your landing page is of the utmost importance. But what if you don’t know much about your target audience?

Are they a decision maker or an influencer?

Are they researching or ready to buy?

Are they looking for this or that?

Are they motivated by price or by features?

You can find out — and offer up a relevant experience — by adding segmentation choices on your landing page. Using segmentation on the first page can help funnel visitors in the right direction and enable you to market your product or service more effectively.

Check out five of my favorite segmentation landing pages to inspire your segmentation testing.

1. Segmentation by Audience – EF Tours

This mobile segmentation landing page asks the visitor if they are are teacher or a student. Secondary form pages, (with audience-specific offers) are presented, based on self-identification.

2. Segmention by Place in Buying Cycle – Intuit Tax Online

Intuit allows for visitors who are ready to “Try it Free” to do so immediately. However, for those who need more convincing, the landing page gives the option to “See It” via a video demo or “Hear It” via a live demo and Q&A session. Ready to buy? “Get It” leads to a pricing chat.

My favorite part about this segmentation landing page is the “Try it Free” call-to-action, which follows you through your research phase. When you are ready to commit to the Free Trial, Intuit is waiting and ready.

3. Segmentation by Need – FrontPoint Security

I found this landing page as I was searching for “wireless security systems” a few weeks ago. While I knew that I was searching for my home, the reality is that FrontPoint did not. Until, that is, they just ASKED me. It seems so simple, yet we still see so many irrelevant landing pages for generic searches. FrontPoint does a great job of segmenting visitors by security need. Isn’t that why I came to this landing page in the first place? Kudos to FrontPoint.

4. Segmentation by Business Size – Citrix Systems

The objective of this campaign segmentation landing page was to target hospital-purchasing decision makers and generate qualified leads. The challenge was that the paid keywords generating the traffic were not hospital-specific. The segmentation path “weeded out” visitors who were not part of the target audience, and hit decision makers with messaging that was specific to their hospital’s size and needs.

5. Segmentation by Audience – NEJM

Another audience segmentation example, and one of my old favorites! The simplicity of this segmentation landing page makes you want to click. The headline is catchy, benefit-driven and leads the visitor into segmenting with a strong offer statement.

Marketing to a varied audience means having to speak to a variety of needs and wants. Instead of trying to please everyone with a ‘one size fits all’ landing page, you can let visitors put themselves into buckets and make their experience far more targeted and relevant.

Have you considered testing segmentation?

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