Google has begun testing “instant previews” for pay-per-click ads. This means it is now more important than ever to ensure your landing page design and layout look great and are optimized.
Here are 5 really important considerations for making sure a preview of your landing pages helps you win the click (and win the conversion post-click):

  1. Make sure your page is clean, scannable and the call-to-action is clear. If a searcher has to choose between a landing page that is 12 miles long and busy looking and a page that is short and to the point, which do you think they will choose to explore? Which one looks like less work? Which one appears to provide a quicker path towards getting what he/she wants or needs?
  2. Make sure your page is branded. Google allowing visitors to see your landing page without even clicking the ad provides a huge branding opportunity. We have always encouraged marketers to brand their landing pages. Well-known brands can establish instant trust be leveraging their branding, and small companies can begin increasing awareness and good will towards their brand by associating them with well-crafted landing pages.
  3. If you’re selling a product on your landing page, you’ll likely want a large image above the fold. And be sure it’s an image of the right product — the one that matches the keyterm the searcher used to find your ad.
  4. Your headline should be big, clear and match your ad. No longer is promising one thing in your ad enough to get you the click. Now visitors will be able to see if the actual page matches their search query and is relevant. If it’s not, what reason do they have to click and further explore your options?
  5. Your copy should also have tight message match. Google will highlight the content on your landing page that is most relevant — make sure there is something for them to highlight to entice visitors to click.

These tips sound awfully familiar? They’re the same landing page optimization tips we typically talk about. They’re just doubly important now because the look-and-feel of the landing page will now not only convert visitors into leads/customers but also help draw them in.

For more tips, read through out 15 building blocks of great post-click marketing.

Are you making any changes to your landing pages as a result of instant previews? Leave a comment below.