man-475557_640When creating a website for your business to build your online presence, you will mostly hear about using WordPress as the platform to use. True enough, this content management system (CMS) is one of the easiest to use and most robust platform to build your website on. It accommodates any type of business (from retailers to service providers) and offers a host of plugins to supercharge your business and meet your online goals.

However, tweaking your website on WordPress to achieve the look you want can be challenging. It will entail you to learn a little bit of coding and become familiar with the markup languages used to customize your website settings. This can be problematic for business owners who simply want to build a website on the go and not worry about the technical aspects of designing one.

This is where website builders come in. Unlike WordPress and other out of the box CMSs, premium website builders let you create stunning websites without any design experience at all. The not-so-secret about this particular platform is their drag and drop feature in which users can simply pull out different elements available and place them on the pages of your site – no coding required!

For entrepreneurs and startups looking to expand their business with a website, look no further than these five website builders to get your started.


This website builder offers friendly solutions to retailers and sellers looking to reach out to customers online. You can add different physical goods to the site and include them on your storefront.

Upgrading your account will allow you to sell digital products, perfect for people selling e-books, audio files, and videos, among others. The Pro Upgrade also gives you access to customize your favicon, edit your site footer, protect certain using a password to lock exclusive content, and more.



From the onset, this fast-rising startup seems like another website builder that came out of the woodwork. Upon deeper inspection, however,  NowFloats provides businesses a better chance of ranking on search results for your keyword with their dedicated Location-Based SEO service. By building a website using this platform and with the help of its support team, you enable your business to be found much easier on search engines, drawing more customers to your physical store.

With the newly developed NowFloats Boost app for smartphones, businesses can now easily edit their website, track its progress,  and create updates on the go.


One of the oldest website builders, Webs has undergone different iterations throughout the years. The latest version offers the most traditional, tried-and-true approach to building websites compared to the others in this list. Nonetheless, this platform has some of the best and most beautiful responsive website templates to choose from with over 450. The templates pretty much built the site itself


This website builder is arguably the friendliest to design-challenged business owners. Wix enables you to drag and drop items literally anywhere on your website with the greatest of ease. You can also create separate site designs for your desktop and mobile sites to create a truly unique experience in interacting with your online business from different platforms.

IM Creator

Building a website using this platform is like riding a car that easily accelerates from 0-60 km/h in a matter of seconds. IM Creator is perhaps the purest drag and drop website builder in the list, with simplified features and elements to quickly ease you into creating your online business. Also, the pre-populated templates lets you simply edit the text and images to suit your needs, which greatly helps in cutting down the time developing your website.

If you’re looking for free images to use on your website, the builder gives you access to a host of images for commercial use.

Question: What other innovative website builders aside from WordPress that will help you create a stunning website for your business? Share and let us know what you think of these sites by commenting below!