The conversion rate of your website is the percentage of web visitors who are led to take an action (like contacting you for more info) or turn into paying customers. If your conversion rate is low or has taken a hit lately, there are some things you can do, starting today, to help turn things around.

1. Analyze your site’s usability. Ask someone you know to rate the usability factor of your website. Have them go through each page, click on links, locate contact info, and navigate through your menus. Is anything hard for them to find? Confusing? Frustrating? If so, your prospective customers are probably having these problems too, causing them to leave your site and head straight for your competition. Identify these conversion concerns and remedy them as soon as possible.

2. Check your site’s speed. Is your website slow? Do the pages take forever to load? Does it cause your computer to freeze up? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can attribute some of your low conversion rate to this factor. Most prospective customers won’t stick around for a website to load when there are countless competitor sites out there that allow for fast purchasing. Invest in a website that offers your prospective visitors lightning-fast access to your products and services.

3. Make your contact info stand out. If a prospective customer can’t find your contact info, they’re going to get frustrated and move on to your competitor. There’s nothing worse than being unable to find a way to ‘check out’ on an online shopping cart or locate an address, phone number, or online contact form. Any means of purchasing and contacting you should be bold and in plain view to help boost your conversion rates.

4. Don’t waste your web visitors’ time. If you want your customers to contact you, but your contact form asks for too much information, they may decide against it. For an initial contact request, just ask your web visitors for the basics—their name, the best way to contact them, and the reason they’re contacting you. Once they become your customer, you can get any additional information you might need.

Happy web users = profitable conversion rates (Source)