As a business owner, you are probably always searching for ways to increase your profit. This is true of any type of business. But, for this article, I am mainly going to concentrate on how to do this through the use of the Internet, and for online businesses in general.

If your business is strictly online, then you probably have already cut a lot of overhead cost by not having to have staff on site, office space, and even payroll if you work with freelancers rather than hire employees with payroll expenses. This in itself increases your profit. However, there are also ways to bring new traffic to your site. Of course, I need to give credit, where credit is due. I learned a lot of this by listening to James Martell and Rusty Wood, on a Coffee Talk podcast. James is an online mega success through affiliate marketing and training others how to be successful. Rusty is an online success story himself in the office supply industry. But, let’s get to what I learned…

1. Affiliate Marketing for Passive Growth

James and Rusty spoke of Amazon and how they are a giant in the online retail industry, and really the first affiliate marketing company. They sell just about anything you can imagine…but, do they really? I mean sell, that is. If you notice, many of the products available on Amazon are actually being sold through various companies, and Amazon is the link between the buyer…and them. And Amazon is the affiliate who makes a commission off these sales. This is affiliate marketing at its best, especially when you consider they do an average of 78 million a day in sales. Yes, I said a day. That is affiliate marketing, and also a golden opportunity for some passive growth in any online business, even the smallest. I should say relative passive growth and income, because the affiliates don’t necessarily all come running to you. No, you have to make them want to work with you by having a website with high traffic. So, let’s discuss some ways to increase your traffic.

2. Utilizing Social Media

Social Medias are not just for socializing anymore. In fact, they can be very helpful in getting new customers directed to your site. The more popular Social Media sites are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

One way to utilize these sites is to entice readers to click on a link, one that leads them back to your site. You can do this by placing enough photos or information on these social media sites to grab their attention to click on the link. For example if your business is an order checks by mail company, place photos of your most popular or intriguing designs on Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter pages…your own pages, and others that allow for it.

3. Internet Marketing for Growth

James and Rusty spoke of a chiropractor they know who chooses to do all her marketing online now. Rather than spending thousands of dollars on Yellow Page ads and other printed forms of advertising, Dr. Jeri Anderson focuses on using Google+ Local, Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube to speak for her. It’s all free, and more frequented than the traditional form of advertising. In fact, in the 20+ years she has been in business, since she has changed over to this method, she has seen far more new patients come through her door than ever…4 new patients per week, which is incredible growth. Dr. Anderson places photos, fresh content, and even some videos on her own site, Social Medias, and Google+ Local. She also makes sure that she updates all information and content to keep her customers interested, and grabbing the attention of potential new customers.

4. Google Rankings Matter

In order to have maximum exposure for your website and ultimately, your business, a good ranking with Google would be a great goal to strive for…and reach. You can do this by developing great content on your site, with relative keywords. In other words, if your business deals with online check orders, then make sure keywords relating to that are written into the content. Do some research to find what people are putting into search engines in order to know the best keywords and phrases to use. Images are also ranked by Google when you place relative keywords as the tag. When people use Google’s search engine, the higher you are ranked with them, the more traffic you will get.

In Closing

As you can see, there are ways to drive more traffic to your business, through your website and social media pages, which can significantly increase your profit. And, it’s up to you to make sure everything remains updated and current.

Benjamin Baker will be the first to admit he is addicted to writing, as well as search. When Benjamin is not working, he enjoys strumming his guitar around the campfire, fishing, and spending time with his wife and 3 teenagers. The Bakers reside in Denver, Colorado.

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