Today, one of the most popular trends in YouTube videos is making use of video overlays to enhance the Video Overlay Softwarecontent, add links, encourage social media participation, and more. People online want interactive content, not just static presentations, so adding these sorts of overlays immediately make your videos more attractive.

There are numerous video overlay software packages available, often for inexpensive rates, any of which can be utilized to quickly make your videos even more effective.

If you’re looking for some ideas for making the best use of video overlay software, here are a few tips!

Four Tips For Making the Most of Video Overlay Software

I. Include multiple links throughout that point to your websites.

You don’t have to rely on people viewing your video directly on YouTube for them to be able to link to you. In fact, by including direct links to your site in your video, you’re solving two problems at once!

First, of course, you’re making it easier for anyone viewing your videos to find you to go buy something. However, this also subverts those unscrupulous individuals – and there are plenty of them online – who might seek to claim credit a popular online video or use it to hijack link traffic. Having your links in the video itself prevents them from stealing your thunder.

II. Use hotspotting to direct interested customers.

“Hotspotting” is another useful new technology. You can select certain objects within the video and create a clickable area around them that hyperlinks to your website, or to anywhere else you want. Many of the better video overlay software packages are coming to include this feature.

The online clothing retailer Nine West used hotspotting recently to great effect, driving a lot of attention to their site and creating extremely high engagement rates. People can use your videos as interactive catalogs, clicking on items they’re interested in for more information.

III. Popup text is great for details and commentary.

Popup text has been a basic feature of YouTube for a couple years now, and it still works well. You can add context-relevant comments that pop up during certain sections of video, for example, if you want to add a citation for a fact spoken during an interview. They can even be used to add comic strip-like speech bubbles above people’s heads.

This is a perfect way to add commentary, jokes, or just interesting side points. It also varies up the presentation a bit, adding more information to keep people interested without distracting viewers from your core message.

Speaking of which, for our last video overlay software tip, let’s have a warning.

IV. Don’t overdo it.Video Promotions

It’s normal when you get a fancy new box of toys to want to try them all out at once. Be restrained when you’re adding overlays to your videos. Don’t add gimmicks just for the sake of having them. Every overlay you add should still have a specific purpose, even if that purpose is just getting a quick laugh.

In general, avoid:

  • Graphics, like logos, that cover up any important images. Unless the graphic is the actual focus it should be kept off to one side, such as in a corner, so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Too much plain text. The occasional blurb or bit of commentary is fine, but don’t have a novel running at the bottom of the screen. People will read the details and miss out on the primary message.
  • Abusing onscreen effects. Don’t get cute with fade-ins, wipes, zooms, or other such tricks. They virtually always look cheap, and distract rather than enhance. Keep it simple and unobtrusive.

In a world where 500 years of YouTube videos are watched every day, you need to do whatever you can to keep those eyeballs on your videos. Video overlay software helps you make your videos more engaging, interactive, and interesting.