This website is all about building WordPress websites that make money, but did you know that ugly websites can make money too? In fact having a fantastic design will not guarantee that you will make a brass razoo! You can equally make money with a boring minimalist WordPress theme that is almost ugly or a premium theme that looks awesome. The fact is, these ugly websites that make money only prove that the website design does not always contribute to a sites earnings.

Lets take a good look at some extremely ugly websites that make money by the truckload.

POF (Plenty Of Fish)


AS EASY AS IT LOOKS Markus Frind and his girlfriend, Annie Kanciar, have loads of time to play in their Vancouver, British Columbia, apartment. Image source

Markus Frind, the founder of plenty of fish, lazes around most days after completing a gruelling 10 minutes work on his super ugly, but profitable website. Markus has no college degrees to speak of yet rakes in over 10 million dollars a year at, approximately 5 million in pure profit.

The site itself is so simply that it is really ugly. In fact POF looks even worse when you actually try and see how Markus makes his money.

Craigslist – Ugly Websites That Make Money or “Could Make Money”

The Craigslist business model seems crazy to some, but Craigslist President and Chief Executive Jim Buckmaster says this company has no plans to make more money. It seems they only need enough money to pay a few business expenses like web hosting services, electricity, and staff wages. The potential for this ugly website to make millions upon millions is obvious. There is no advertising, or none that is obvious to me anyway.

WiseGeek Making Money on the Back of Quality Information Only

The screenshot below shows the main menu on the Wisegeek homepage. Simple and ugly. But investigate further and you will see a huge amount of advertising on each and every content page.

If you press on one of these links that lead to a category page you will see 4 featured graphics at the top, then after that the page has literally thousands of links. It looks like they have listed every article in that section on that page.

Ugly websites that make money

Then when you look at one of these articles, the post has a huge amount of ads scattered through the content. I do not really know how much money this site makes but I guarantee it is a big chunk of change.

ugly websites that make moeny

The one thing that all these ugly websites have is content that matches what their users want. They are simply providing what is needed and doing it well.

Therefore in this case, content is king here.

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