Should I stay or Should I go?

Imagine you’re on a trip to another country. You get out of the plane and hear a foreign language that you simply don’t understand, not a word. You look around to find a bus or an underground entrance to somehow get to your hotel. You see some kind of information on a bus stop. You look closely and all you see is weird words that mean absolutely nothing to you. NOTHING.

What do you do? Do you leave and go back home? Of course not! You look for tourist information center. But there is none around. What do you do then? Ask people for help? What if there’s noone around to help you?!

'Cast Away' character looking confused.

For some, entering a website on a smartphone feels exactly like this – it’s chaotic and you can’t ask anyone for help. The only difference is that changing websites is way easier than changing countries. We live in a prosumer era, where your customers are aware of the fact there for sure is somebody else offering what you offer. They go on their smartphones and browse to find exactly what they’re looking for, for the best price available. They look for specific information on your website and when they have to scroll, swipe or pinch to get it, they either leave your website or become frustrated with you and your business. They need a new standard for finding what they need on their smartphones, a mobile-friendly navigation, if you will.

So how to get them to stay on your website? When they seek details about your company how to get them to call you, email you to get more info? How to get them to buy from you, come to your company, like you on Facebook, share feedback? I found 3 first-class free website add-ons that will make your website’s visitors become your leads, engage them with your content and special offers or enable them to share feedback with you. They all work as if you suddenly had a tourist information center on your website and each of these tools is mobile-friendly! – With this website add-on you interact better with your website’s visitors – they get all the necessary actions in one place. G-spot shortens your mobile conversion funnel significantly – the path from desire to purchase shortens, your mobile leads increase.

A GIF that shows the functions of

Options in

It is a simple button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, it’s always there, even when you’re scrolling. When you tap on G-spot you get all vital information about your business – visitors can call you, text you, send you an email, get the directions to your company and get to your social media profiles, and it’s all for the growing number of mobile users.

Price? Free.

How? a generated code.

For whom? SMBs.

AddThis – You engage better and faster with your clients through social media. By sharing, following and hitting “Like” your content becomes more widespread and more people get to know about your business.

How AddThis looks like on desktop and mobile.

Different options in AddThis.

You can choose a sharing toolbar, a sidebar, sharing and follow buttons. With AddThis, there are recommended content tools that will make your posts or articles stand out. You have many layout options available to suit your company design.

Price? Basic Plan free, Pro $99 annually.

How? a generated code.

For whom?Blogs, SMBs with articles.

Survicate – A widget that enables you to learn more about your customers and their needs. It allows you to have better marketing campaigns, to share important info with them and make better products due to feedback you obtain.

Survicate shown on a mobile phone.

A sample survey by survicate.

You can have a survey or feedback widget in your website (single, multiple-choice, NPS questions). You can create segments and target notifications with contextual offers, exit surveys or smart offers. You can also integrate it with your CRM or marketing automation.

Price? Free with 3 forms and 3 reports, 4 paid plans for extended options.

How? a generated code.

For whom? SMBs.

Changing your website’s layout or hiring a UX designer to make it simpler for your customers to find specific information may be pricey. With those website add-ons you don’t have to pay anything (at least at first) to get your company started on getting more mobile leads. You give them all necessary contact information with G-spot, you make your posts stand out and promote your social media profiles with AddThis and finally plenty of engaging tools in critical stages of buying process with Survicate.

Mr Bean being happy on holidays.

Instead of seeing your ‘tourists’ go back home, you finally give them a very professional tourist information center. Try these tools on your website or maybe you’re already using one of them? Do you know any other add-ons you’d recommend? Share them!