Sometimes marketing needs a little facelift in order to continue to do the best work for your internet video marketingbusiness. There’s no shame in changing and tweaking things to do better business, especially when it comes to your marketing because it is a constantly changing landscape that does well with change. One thing that most businesses happen to neglect the most is their Internet video marketing, but fortunately online video marketing is very easy to fix if you happen to have a crisis on your hands.

But, before you know you have a crisis about to blow up in your marketing campaign, it’s probably good to know the warning signs so you can avert the crisis and still be a video marketing rock star. Check out the three signs below to gauge the health of your Internet video marketing right now.

1. Bad Numbers

It’s all in the numbers when it comes to marketing, and this is even true for video marketing. If you’re watching the numbers of viewers, click-through rates and everything else, then you should already have a good understanding of where you stand with your weekly and monthly goals.

If you’re noticing a steady decline (or worse, a sharp one), then it’s probably time to give your video marketing an audit and see where you can improve immediately. Because videos should be going up and up with their exposure and visibility, not gradually going down after being initially published.

2. No Customization

That’s right, you might start feeling the sting of neglect from viewers because your presentation isn’t customized enough. It’s a harsh truth, but a necessary one to face. That means you need to be able to customize not only your videos with highly branded content, but also the stuff around your video.

This includes your video player, which needs to be highly customized for the best results. That means being able to include calls to action, sign ups for newsletters, social sharing and much more tied into your social media and other content marketing. Even if it means working with an outside company to make sure your content is highly branded, then do it. Be able to make the budget and be able to really shine with your video marketing.

3. Little To No Incentive

While we’re on the topic of customization among your Internet video marketing campaigns, there needs to be a discussion about being able to provide even more value to your viewers through incentives that are built into the video player. This includes white papers, infographics, being able to sign up for an email newsletter and other incentives that makes the viewer even more interested in your business. Give more to get more, right?

Of course, there are other signs to watch out for. As an example, when your videos start to feel more like an extended commercial than something that is original and crafty to draw in customers. If you’re leaning closer to infomercial every time you create a new video campaign, don’t hesitate to take a step back and reassess what kind of content you want to release out to the public and continue to make successful sales.