You spend a lot of time and energy creating online ads to lure people to your website. And you likely also spend a lot of money to place those ads on websites where your potential customers are spending time. So why aren’t they clicking? Why aren’t you getting a lot more business? Where is the return on your investment?

The first place to look may be the ad itself. Here are three common flaws that leave your ads unclicked:

  1. You don’t tell me who you are. When people see an ad online, they ask themselves a couple of questions. It happens in an instant, but it happens. The questions are who are you and why should I care? The “who are you” part is a question that can be answered very simply. We need to see your logo, and if your company is well known that’s all it takes. If not, maybe a one line description of what you do.
  2. You don’t tell me why I should click. The “why should I care” part to that question is the entire purpose of the ad. If you’re targeting the right people, you should know exactly why they should care. And your headline and messaging should tell them exactly what you’re offering them. Is it a sale? Is it a product they need? Have they shopped from you before? Be specific about why they are seeing this ad and what they will get if they click on it.
  3. You don’t tell me to click. The call to action, CTA, is the most important part of an ad. Without one, you are leaving the potential customer to do some guesswork. Don’t assume people are going to click, tell them to. Give them a button and a reason – “Click here for more info”, or “Shop Now”. It’s that simple to add a call to action and increase the number of people who click through to your site.

What did I miss? Share your online advertising tips in the comments below.

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