Improve the User Experience

If you had a shop and the only way customers could access this shop was by climbing three flights of stairs, knocking on the door, waiting for 30 seconds to be allowed to enter and when they finally gain entry have to then fight their way through a complicated maze of unrelated paraphernalia to reach the check-out you would probably have very limited footfall, a low sales conversion and very few customers who would come back or recommend you.

Consumers don’t want to climb up stairs, knock on doors, wait, fight through a maze or see unrelated information. Consumers want exactly what they were looking for, now!

As a business owner, getting targeted visitors on the internet can be easy. However if you don’t know where to start it can also be very difficult and at times, costly. When you put so much effort into attracting visitors to your website, the last thing you want them to do is to leave before following your call to action, either because they didn’t like your content, were confused by the layout or it simply wasn’t clear what they were supposed to do next.

Google’s goal is to provide the user with the most relevant and best search experience possible. When a user lands on your site, courtesy of a Google search will they be satisfied? Will your information be relevant to that search term?

If over a period of time people leave your website prematurely then your Bounce Rate will increase. Google is inclined to believe that a web page with a high bounce rate is not answering the users’ search queries, so the search engine will eventually move your page further down the ranking and replace it with another page that it feels can provide a greater experience for its customer.

Develop and Implement a Content Marketing Strategy

On the internet the content you create is the fuel for your website. Without the creation of fresh and relevant content that attracts readers, ignites conversation and encourages social media sharing, then both users and search engines will lose interest in your site and go somewhere else.

Think of it like this, would you continue visiting the same cinema that showed the same movie over and over again? No, you wouldn’t. And neither would anyone else, they would simply move on to the next cinema to see the latest Blockbusters. The same goes for your website, if the information is stale and out of date people move on.

As a business owner it is not easy to produce content on a regular basis but the truth is you should be or you should have a content marketing strategy in place where a member of your staff produces a piece of content each week in line with the theme and brand of the company.

However you decide to create content, whether it’s yourself, staff or outsourced, it doesn’t matter as long as the content is of high quality. The greater the quality of the content then the greater the chance of the content getting Liked, Tweeted, +1 and generating extended visibility and SEO benefits via social signals.

Don’t be a Wallflower Get Social!

Do you know how much it costs to set up a Google+ Local page, a Facebook fan page or a Twitter account? The answer is nothing. Not a single penny. And there are a lot of people on those sites communicating and sharing the things they do, what they like and what they want. Make your brand part of the conversation.

Getting social doesn’t mean setting up accounts. Getting social means having conversations with people, engaging with other users and brands and sharing content that makes you laugh, smile, cringe and then occasionally some information about your latest offerings or promotions.

Online marketing is more than setting up a website, putting up a few adverts and sending a couple of promotional social media messages. Online marketing is about providing an excellent online experience, fresh relevant content and developing mutually beneficial relationships.