10 years ago when email was still “the new and exciting thing”… getting people to open your emails was literally as easy as writing a few words and clicking the “send” button.

Today…your emails are mixed in with dozens, maybe even HUNDREDS of other emails your prospects get everyday.

In other words – your emails get lost in a “mosh-pit” of your competitors emails… and your prospects are only opening a select few each day.

And today – I’m going to give you 3 EASY ways (which you can implement immediately I might add) to “rise to the top of the mosh-pit” and get your emails opened more often.

I’m talking about roughly 30-40% open rates, and 30-40% click-through rates… which is what I personally experience in several different niches.

So let’s cut out the fluff and get straight to the chase.

Strategy #1 – Be More Personal – Listen, no matter what niche you’re in…there are dozens of others just like you. These days one of the easiest ways to stand out from your competitors is to simply be more transparent and personal with your subscribers.

That means sharing personal stories, allowing yourself to be completely open and honest with them about everything, and even opening up to showing them your fears, frustrations and weaknesses. This is one of the single most powerful marketing strategies you can ever put into place.

Strategy #2 – Think About Them – Most marketers care about one single thing…making money. While it’s fine to think about money, what you SHOULD be thinking about is how to help your customers more. Do surveys, call them up personally, ask what THEY want you to do.

Ask what products they’d love, do them favors with nothing expected in return,  and overall just think about exactly what they want….then give it to them.

This is more of a “general” marketing tip, however you can use email to find out the answers to what they’re looking for…which creates more bond and trust and is hugely important to long-term success.

Strategy #3 – Do More Video – This goes back to being more personal. Instead of thinking of email as “text”, one strategy you can use is to use email to send them to a blog post with a video of you on it. Trust me – your open and click-through rates will be SKY HIGH. Start the video off with a story, follow up with great content, then give them a call to action at the end.

This not only achieves tremendous open and CTR’s, but also makes your product convert better as well as builds more trust, credibility and bond.

There are dozens of ways to improve your email marketing…this is just the tip of the iceberg. When you combine these tips with learning how to write better subject lines, leads, calls to action and all the other aspects of email marketing…you would be absolutely amazed how quickly you can grow your business.

Author: Jeremy Reeves is a freelance direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who specializes in maximizing your sales funnel and boosting your bottom-line profits. You can grab a FREE copy of his report – The 3×3 Formula For Doubling Your Profits In 60 Days Or Less – by heading over to http://www.3x3formula.com/ right now.