3 BIG Myths about WordPressContinuing to be the largest CMS platform used in the world WordPress surprisingly still has some alarming myths surrounding it. To help set the story straight below are 3 of the biggest and most common myths surrounding WordPress.

  1. WordPress is only suitable for small sites

It started as a blogging platform but has soon expanded and reached into bigger markets. WordPress now caters for complex websites, ecommerce sites and directories. It is one of the most easiest and affordable ways to get any type of website live. Some of the biggest names use WordPress as the platform to their websites, NBC Sports, CNN and Time just to name a few dedicated WordPress users.

  1. WordPress won’t work for ecommerce sites

You may have heard this one floating around a bit; it mostly follows on from the number one myth of WordPress only being suitable for small sites. WordPress has advanced a great deal in the last few years and can now offer countless frameworks and plugins to support anything from a small shopping site to a site featuring thousands of products. Need some proof check out www.jigoshop.com/showcase

  1. WordPress sites aren’t secure

WordPress is just as secure as all the other systems available. But there are measures you can take to ensure your site remains secure and is free from threats. Keep your WordPress site up to date and make sure your passwords are difficult to guess and changed often. The easiest way to guarantee security for your site is by going with a web host, that will not only back up your site but protect your site from cross infection from other sites on the same server. Web Hosts will also be able to quickly react to any new threats before they attack your site. Find out more about WordPress hosting here.

WordPress is an adaptable system and this is proved by the 60million websites built on its platform. It provides people without technical experience the ability to create and manage their own website for a fraction of the cost.