capturing more sales leadsLast week I wrote about capturing more sales leads via social media.   Now I want to know – are your inbound marketing landing pages doing their job?  Landing pages are designed to capture targeted leads. If yours aren’t converting as well as they should, perhaps a few changes are in order.

Tip #1 – Create Persuasive Content

Be honest with yourself; if you were to land on a page full of boring, dull content would you hang around long?  Not likely.  The content on your landing page should be persuasive and compelling, giving clear information about your product/service without blatant selling or knocking your competitors.

Present your content in an attractive package.  Striking colors, bolding of particularly important sections, proper centering and bullet points help to section your content off and attract the eye, making it easy to read.

Add a few authentic testimonials.  Nothing looks more impressive than sincere testimonials from those who have used your product/service and can testify to its benefits.

Tip #2 – Control the Flow

When you are trying to capture targeted leads for your business it is important that they can do only one or two things on your landing page – sign up, or buy your product/services.

If capturing your visitor’s name and e-mail address is your primary goal, display your lead capture forms or boxes where they cannot be missed, preferably at the very top of the page or to the right or left of your main content area. Add a call to action at least once, preferably more than once, to tell your visitor what to do to (fill out the lead capture form).  Avoid distractions, and keep things as simple as possible.

Tip #3 – Make it Dynamic

Which would you rather look at, a page filled with content and nothing else, or one that looks dynamic and offers an informative video or sound recording?  Talking about your offer with emotion and excitement is much more convincing than having your visitors read about it.

When you build a landing page that is everything your visitor is looking for, you can bet your conversion rates will rise substantially. 

Tailor your pages tightly to your target audience; make the page speak to your visitor as if they are the only one you are talking to.  With a little skill and practice, your landing pages will convert like crazy – and don’t forget to SEO Optimize your landing pages!