It’s been eight months since we all started gathering on Thursdays at 10am PT/ 1pm ET to discuss conversion optimization in #CROChat. We’ve shared advice on testing, design, personas and more in both the lead gen and ecommerce spaces. And now it’s time to step back and reflect.

#CROchat will be taking a brief pause through the end of the year, and will return with fresh energy and ideas in 2011. That doesn’t mean though we shouldn’t still use the #CROchat tag to talk with each other and share conversion marketing tips. We must never stop sharing and learning! I’ll still frequently be using the #CROChat hashtag and hope you will too.

Here are 21 of my favorite landing page tips shared in #CROchat this year:

  1. Some very important things to measure on the landing page include: time spent on page, registration numbers, behaviors (both that lead to conversions and bounces), keyword performance, and number of pages per visit.
  2. Some key micro-conversions to track: downloads, social engagements, and video views.
  3. To track conversions that take place offline you can use: coupons, promo codes, and tracked phone numbers. You should also train your sales reps to track this kind of info.
  4. Getting the wrong people to bounce is a good thing!
  5. Test what you measure and see how that impacts the evolution of your campaigns.
  6. Conversion rate optimization and SEO balance each other out
  7. SEO should be followed up by conversion rate optimization. Rankings lead to site traffic, but site traffic does not always lead to conversions.
  8. Highly specific conversion bait is likely to be much more specific than link bait.
  9. Landing page pet peeves: wrong message, information overload, and poor design.
  10. When implementing video, beware of auto-play and make sure your video loads quickly and smoothly.
  11. Homemade videos don’t seem to hurt conversions. Test them!
  12. When working within a shopping cart, only ask for what you need and store addresses in user accounts when possible.
  13. Using a progress bar will help set user expectations when dealing with both multi-part forms and shopping carts.
  14. Monitoring Average Order Value (AOV) helps show the quality not just quantity of online sales.
  15. Data transparency works when it’s understandable by all and impartial; filtered data is always skewed.
  16. Testing price points on the landing page is important because value is in the eye of the beholder.
  17. After “what’s in it for me?” the most important question is, “how much?”
  18. When it comes to price on the web, the competitor’s price is a search away.
  19. Include trust elements and social proof on your landing page to increase conversions.
  20. Segment your visitors to increase your ability to provide really targeted information and offers.
  21. Analyzing behavioral analytics gives us insight into user behaviors that lead to and away from conversions.

I’m sure we’ll still see each other around the #CROchat watering hole during the next couple of months, and I’ll definitely still be tweeting with you about landing pages from the @ioninteractive account.

Happy tweeting and in the words of frequent #CROchat contributor, Carey Gatz: cro rulez.