Every year, Mary Meeker, a partner with Kleiner Perkins, puts out a compilation report looking at the latest trends in online technology and marketing. The reports talk about everything from advertising budgets to mobile devices, and they offer critical insights into how customers are engaging with technology.

This year’s report has just come out, and it shares a lot of revealing data. Here are some important highlights from the 2016 Internet trends report:

Adoption Rates are Flat

Just about the same number of people started using the Internet for the first time in 2016 as in 2015.

The global adoption rate was just 9 percent both years. However, since the rate represents new users, there are more users overall. There are now 3 billion people using the Internet, which is about 42 percent of the entire world’s population.

What this means for your brand is that you can’t afford to use simple tactics that might appeal to new users. You have to find smarter ways to reach the savvy Internet users who have been around for awhile.

That might mean finding ways to cut through the advertising clutter, or it might mean offering innovative content that they won’t get anywhere else.

Mobile is a Mixed Bag

It’s no surprise that mobile has become a strong player in online marketing. However, it may be surprising to learn that the adoption of smartphones has slowed.

While more people may be using their smartphones to go online, there aren’t a whole lot more people buying smartphones for the first time. There are still rising adoption numbers, but those numbers are slowing. Again, that means that you’ll have to look at smarter ways to reach customers who are savvy with mobile marketing through consistent use of mobile devices.

Android is seeing more growth than other smartphones, with more users making the switch. Its average selling price is down, and its market share is up. That means it is selling a lot of phones to still be coming out on top with final sales numbers.

If you haven’t already developed a dedicated mobile app for your site, you should. If your resources are limited, you should consider starting with your Android app first, but you should eventually have both an Android and iPhone app. You’ll get more exposure and reach all of your mobile customers, no matter their device.

Video is Bigger than Ever

Video isn’t just a marketing darling — it is also making a big impact with users. Viewership is at an all-time high.

Part of the reason for increased viewership is increased availability. YouTube isn’t the only player in town anymore. Facebook and Snapchat now offer live streaming, and sites like Vimeo and Tidal play video also.

Though video viewership is up, the effectiveness of video ads hasn’t actually increased. It’s time that marketers make video ads a priority so they can figure out how to break through these blocks and start getting the sales and conversions they need.

Brands are Holding onto Traditional Advertising

Google and Facebook now control 76 percent of the advertising market. Let that sink in. 76 percent. Of all the available advertising methods, including television commercials, radio, print, and more.

Yet many brands are still spending the majority of their money on those traditional forms of advertising. Part of the reason is that these types of advertising can be much more expensive, but a larger part of the reason is that brands just aren’t embracing the new technology the way they should.

If you want to be competitive in today’s market, you have to be spending big on online marketing. There’s just no way around it.

You also need to be spending smartly on advertising. That means using tools like In-tag or CodeFuel’s advertising platform that rely on user data to deliver the right ads and content at the right time.

Hands-Free Programming is Expected to Grow

Voice controls make it easier for people to use their devices no matter where they are or what they are doing. Many are recognizing the value of voice controls even for using devices around the house.

Meeker’s report suggests that voice controls are expected to become more common.

Marketers will have to consider how that will influence their campaigns. That may mean finding ways to make their products include voice controls, or it may mean finding ways to advertise through these programs. As the technology becomes more prominent, marketers will find more ways to use it to their advantage.

It’s important that you read this and other reports thoroughly when they are published so that you can stay aware of all the (frequent) changes that are happening online and in the tech sector. Doing so will give you the knowledge you need to make smart marketing decisions to reach your target audience.