Dharmesh ShahDharmesh Shah, CTO and Founder of HubSpot – is an animated speaker and “hand talker” who knows exactly when to insert a powerful close when needed. I took away two key points from Dharmesh’s speech at the HubSpot User Group Summit this past week.

  • Platform not Application – with the growth of the HubSpot App Marketplace, HubSpot has evolved into a software platform. Realizing that they cannot possibly build all the different pieces of functionality HubSpot users request, HubSpot will continue to embed core inbound marketing apps like lead nurturing and blogging while also serving as a platform for 3rd party applications like those that target CRM integration and PPC tracking.
  • Ecosystem – with strong core functionality, a burgeoning app marketplace, and a marketplace for services offering certified value added resellers – or as Dharmesh referred to the VARs – carbon based life forms, HubSpot has built an ecosystem not just a software system. That’s powerful stuff.

What was your key take away from Dharmesh’s talk? What was your key take away from HUGs?