Watch this video to see exactly what to avoid.

“Can you take a look at my Adwords campaign and tell me
how to improve it so it gets more leads for my business?”

Adwords person with a magnifying lensThis is a common question we hear at 2nd Mile Marketing.  After looking at dozens of accounts using our 25 point audit checklist, we find that about 20% are in very good shape.  We can’t improve them (and we tell the company so).

80%, however, have LOTS of room for improvement.

Although we do find some of these campaigns being professionally managed, most have been set up and run by the business themselves.

For the campaigns we take over, we are able not only to get the company more leads… but have them spend less than they were on their original mediocre campaign.

Yes, it is often possible to get—

MORE LEADS out of your campaign (AND)
PAY LESS for those leads

Common Adwords Campaign Issues Costing You Leads And Money

There are dozens of possible ways to screw up an Adwords campaign.  Some of the most common include—

1. Not enough keywords

2. Keywords are too broad

3. All keyword match types are not being used effectively

4. A negative keyword list is not being used (effectively)

5. The campaign structure is poorly set up

6. The ads are not very compelling

7. The ads are not keyword relevant

8. The ads are not being A/B split tested

Watch here as I show you the result of two common problems:

1. Using overly broad keywords

2. Not using a negative keyword list effectively

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What You Can Do About These Adwords Problems

After watching the video, can you see why some campaigns are getting less than they can?  And paying for extra (worthless) clicks?

Here are two things you can do:

1. Download our free special report “14 Vital Tips For Improving Your AdWords Campaign“. It contains a ton of professional insider information on how to get the most out of your Google campaign.

2. Request a free Adwords account review.  Let the professional 2nd Mile Marketing team do a thorough review and provide you a 25 point assessment.  You can even use the detailed report, step by step, to improve the performance of your campaign.  Go and sign up for it today!

Note:  this free review is for businesses currently spending at least $750/mo on their Google campaign.