It’s easy to underestimate the power a great Facebook cover photo can have for your business.

As a busy small business owner, there are probably a hundred things on your mind other than uploading an awesome cover photo to your Facebook Page. But, an amazing cover photo can attract new customers and keep current fans engaged and coming back to your page.

However, finding the right image can be a challenge. We looked at some of our Constant Contact customer Facebook Pages and selected 15 small businesses that have mastered the art of the cover photo.

With our tips and the following examples, we hope we can inspire you and help make the process fun and easy.

1. Make a collage featuring your store and products

Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe

Who: Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe

What: Wine Shoppe’s collage is a perfect example of how to show off your products and store in a non-salesy way. The photos are eye catching, appealing, and very inviting. Making a collage is a simple yet fun way to show your fans what your shop looks like and give them a quick glimpse at some of your products. Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe also updates their cover photo regularly based on new upcoming events or season specials. Be sure to rotate your image to keep your content fresh!

Tip: PicMonkey is an awesome tool for creating collages and other types of Facebook Cover Photos. Check it out!

2. Show off your members or customers

SMB Maine

Who: Social Media Breakfast Maine

What: In this cover photo, Social Media Breakfast features some of their members during one of their forums. By highlighting a successful event, your loyal customers act as an endorsement for your outstanding business. Take advantage of your next event and snap a great shot.

3. Display what you are all about


Who: Imperial Events Inc.

What: Imperial Events’ cover photo is an excellent example of how to use a simple but impactful image. Their cover photo effortlessly conveys both emotion and what their business is all about. Their passion for creating a unique event experience and commitment to detail shines through in all of their cover photos without the extra, unnecessary fuss.

4. Showoff your stunning location

Yarmouth Chamber

Who: Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce

What: The cover photo of the Yarmouth Chamber of Commerce inspires fans to visit the beautiful town of Yarmouth and the chamber of commerce. This view draws people in and encourages them to look into where that is and learn more about the business.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a picturesque business location but photos of your storefront or business sign can make a wonderful cover photo.

5. Introduce your employees


Who: KUHF Houston Public Radio

What: Showing your employees in your cover photo is a great way to humanize your brand. It is good for your fans to recognize your business by the people that work there. It inspires trust and if nothing better, a friendly face to relate with. A recent study reported that images of real people are more effective at conversions. Your customers don’t want to see models that are unknown to them but rather the actual employees that are behind the brand and make it what it is.

6. Show off your skills

CSC Digital

Who: CSC Digital Graphics

What: Take advantage of the cover photo to show your fans the skills you have to offer. In this case, CSC Digital Graphics displays a computer generated image that seems real and is simple yet beautiful. They also include a brief description of what they do as well as an inspirational quote to go with the image.

7. Display your values

Helping Hands

Who: Helping Hands of Vegas Valley

What: This cover photo represents the company’s message and values to its fullest. The business focuses on the difference a helping hand can do in the life of a senior citizen. It encourages people to join and give someone a hand.

8. Sum up what you do

Custom Fit

Who: Custom Fit

What: Custom Fit, a web consulting group, showcases some of the work they’ve done in their cover photo. By showing off your services, your fans can better understand your business and what you have to offer. You can leverage this space to show off your products in a professional and eye-catching way.

9. Show what makes your business unique


Who: Silbury Hill Alpacas

What: Your cover photo is a great place to feature what makes your business different and unique. In this case, Silbury Hill Alpacas took a superb shot of their best asset. The alpacas seem to even be posing for the photo, showing the customer what is waiting for them when they visit the farm.

10. Take an action shot!

Winter Park

Who: Winter Park Resort

What: Wow your fans with an amazing photo that will entice them to visit and be part of this beautiful and very daring scene. An action shot like this one will excite your fans on planning their next biking trip.

Winter Park Resort also does a good job on updating their cover photo based on the season to showcase to their fans the specific activities that the park has to offer, in this case, during the summer its mountain biking.

11. Give visitors some encouragement and inspiration


Who: Vinatero Wine Shop

What: Vinatero Wine Shop makes choosing a stunning cover photo look easy. Showing your diverse products in a fun, colorful way encourages fans to pay your store a visit. In this case, Vinatero shows a sneak peek of their featured wines of the week and in the background you can see some of the store and the variety of wines they have. This photograph would certainly inspire any wine lover to go.

12. Intrigue fans to look twice

The Agency

Who: The Agency

What: The Agency’s Facebook page shows their creative talent through their cover photo and makes an impact with a bold statement. Bright colors are eye catching but, you don’t always have to use a flashy cover photo to stand out. Using an intriguing image is an outstanding way of having viewers look again and engage by reading the explanation. It is a simple yet smart idea that will get fans thinking.

13. Display some of your work


Who: Wiley Biz

What: Showing some of the work your business does is a fantastic way to show the public the type of work you do. In the case of Wiley Biz, they show the variety of books they have published. Use your cover photo to show fans the quality and polish of your work.

14. Invite customers with a sneak peak of your store


Who: Cape Kaleidoscopes

What: A panoramic photograph of your store is an excellent way to invite your fans in. Cape Kaleidoscopes shows how bright and fun their store is with disco balls and lots of lights. This photo gives fans a glimpse inside the store that may trigger them to stop by sooner than they would have.

Another great idea is to take your fans behind the scenes and showcase what they may not get to see — the ingredients of your product or the inner workings of your B2B.

15. Show your impact in the community

Who: Pajama Program

What: The pajama program uses the cover photo to show off their influence in the community. Nothing better than some smiling faces and great pajamas to show the fans the impact this nonprofit can have on children. Look at your cover photo as an opportunity to visually show fans what your business is, who you are and why you do it.

Keep things interesting…

It is important to keep things fresh and update your cover photo every once in a while. Take advantage of new seasons, special events, offers, and holidays to change your cover photo and customize it around the topic. (Don’t forget about Facebook’s cover photo rules & regulations!)

A stunning Facebook cover photo will help you stay top of mind with customers and members without spending tons of money on advertising. Facebook is all about individual people connecting, so when you’re choosing the right cover photo for your page, think about what they’ll like as people, not just as potential customers.

Be creative and innovative, show your passion for what you do and customers will relate. Having new content will entice your fans to visit your page more often to see what’s new, so get inspired and express yourself!

Need more inspiration?