Have you ever wondered why customers leave your business site without placing an order or without trying out your services? There are indeed various reasons behind it. An early exit can be a great concern for you and your business. But fortunately, there are various ways through which you can fix the problems and increase your sales and profits.

Below we present to you the top 11 reasons why customers leave your business website. Have a look at them and try to work upon the same to have more and more customers visiting your site and establishing a nice business relationship with you.

Why customer Leave Your Website

#1 Unprofessional Website Design

The first reason why customers leave your site is because of the dead boring nature of your website. There are many times when you just focus on content and graphics, leaving aside the actual designing part. You need to make sure that the design and overall look of your website is professional and easy to use.

There may be broken links and useless applications on your website that may put off the customers. So, in order to let customers stay on your site, make certain that you develop and maintain a professional looking and easy to use website design.

There should be easy navigation and user friendly interface. This will enable your customers to be on your site for longer.

# 2 NO Terms of Condition, Refund Policy and other Important pages

Another reason why customers may doubt your authenticity and reputation is the absence of Terms of Condition page, Refund Policy, About Us page and many others. It is important for any business site to have a proper Terms and Conditions page, a detailed and easy to understand refund policy as well as a simple About Us page.

All these details actually make a whole lot of difference in deciding whether the customers would stay on your site or not.

# 3 Unclear Contact Information

So, even if you have a nice site and your customer seems to be interested in trying out your service, how will they contact you if you do not have proper and clear contact details? This is yet another reason behind customers leaving your site. No matter how much interested they may be in your products or services, they will not take out that extra time or put in efforts to search about your company. This is where having clear contact details come into limelight.

Make sure your site has complete, proper and clear contact details about your company. This may include the telephone numbers, company address, email and more.

# 4 Too many mistakes on the site

Irrespective of the amount you spend to develop and make your business site, it will be a turn off for the customers if it has mistakes. Yes, mistakes are real disasters that compel customers to leave your site. Mistakes can be anything- from spelling errors to grammatically incorrect language use, customers see errors in no time and leave the sites. Have an error free site and see how customers come pouring in on your site.

# 5 Number of advertisements

You need to understand the fact that customers visit a site not to see flashy ads and banners; they are there to shop or do REAL business. So, in order to let your customers be on your site, lessen the amount of advertisements that may be there on your site.

Surely, we can say that ads do add some sort of appeal to a site, but too much of anything is always bad and same is the case with advertisements.

# 6 Auto sounds and Auto play videos

There are many sites that are developed the right way but have auto play videos and auto sounds. This may be distracting or irritating for some customers. So, it would be better that you do not include such things on your site. This is so because most customers are not interested in watching the videos. If they would be, give them the space and freedom to watch your videos if they want or like. Do not just add the auto play ones as they might take off the customers from your site.

# 7 Loading time

An important reason why the potential customers leave your site is because of the time taken for your web pages to load. Longer the site takes time to load; more likely are the chances of your customers leaving the website. As time is money, customers do not wish like wasting their time waiting for your site to load. They just wait for around 5 seconds or so and leave.

Fortunately, there are many tools and ways through which you can optimize your site and reduce the overall load time. All these tools help you to discover the problems behind poor performance of your site. Have a look at them and improve your site loading time.

# 8 Lack of key information

There are many times when the website developers skip this point thinking that they have created innovative and appealing site. Lack of key information serves as a distraction for the customers and they leave the site in no time. Obviously, why would one stay on a site when their purpose is not fulfilled.

Take for instance, a customer lands on your site to get information on your range of handmade products but there is no such details, why would he or she purchase anything from your store? Obviously the customer will leave your site and go to some other store to get handmade products.

So, it is important that your site has crisp, relevant and key information so that the customers stay on the website and get what they want.

# 9 Distracting Color Scheme

Now, there can be two sides of this point. First, the color scheme of your site might be too boring for the customers to even look at your web pages. This may be due to dull and unattractive color combinations and unattractive text and graphics.

Second, the colors might be too loud and vibrant with flashy combinations. Again, this will be a distracting factor and will take your customers away. Thus, it is imperative to note that one should keep eye catching, simple, subtle and soft color pattern so that the customers feel comfortable watching at the site.

# 10 Too many Pop ups

Accept it that pop ups are really irritating. Have you ever seen customers clicking on the pop ups or getting interested in them? I bet you haven’t. There are many sites that have the sign up pop ups and other pop up advertisements that make the customers irritated, compelling them to leave your site shortly.

So, when you know that you yourself as a customer would never like such pop ups, why put them on your site and distract your site visitors? Think about it and you will get the answer of why customers leave your business site so early.

# 11 Complex checkout process

These days customers want everything to be simple and easy. They do not like wasting their time filling up some complicated forms or not being able to pay in an easy manner. In case the check out process on your site is complex, time consuming or hard, customers will not take any steps to use that and will simply leave the site.

So, make sure that your site has a simple to follow and short checkout process. Also, see to it that you have the option for guest checkout as well so that your customers do not feel distracted and go to other sites.


As you now have complete information about the reasons behind customers leaving your site, make sure you work upon them and make your customers happy. Focus on customer satisfaction and this will make your business outgrow. The best gift you can give your customers is to improve your site on all these parameters and they will surely appreciate your efforts.

What are you waiting for do your business as well as your customers the real favor by having a well developed, professional, properly working and nice website. Just try it once and you will see sea change in the number of customers visiting your site and using your services.

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