Sometimes the detail is exactly what you are looking for. What exactly does the latest Google algorithm update mean? What are my audience segmentation options in a Facebook advert?

But sometimes you just want to know the simple things – like how can I get more people to visit my website – that’s all. This blog deliberately avoids discussing the quality of the traffic and conversion when they are on the site: this week it’s simply about your visitor numbers.

  1. Run a competition on your social media channels – Easy mechanics such as asking people to check out a product page on our site, leave 5 features in the comments and you’ll enter a prize draw are dead simple. Yes, the answers will be in the comments but who doesn’t want to see lots of comments talking positively about your product? A cheap winner!
  2. Use an aggregator – Lots of industries have their own industry-specific aggregators, e.g. moneysupermarket but even if yours doesn’t, make sure that your website is on every directory possible. It might even help your presence on search engine results when someone searches for your company name
  3. Don’t just write a blog – Anyone can just write a blog (I’m the proof of that, right?!). It’s what you do with it that counts. Promote it across your social media channels and make the list of sites where you can post your material, e.g. LinkedIn
  4. Use PPC – You don’t have to have a huge budget to get some great quality traffic to your website through PPC (search or display). Make sure that your keywords are long-tail and you will be bidding on words that are very specific (typically better quality traffic) and often with little bidding competition
  5. Write guest posts – You know the websites that you visit every so often to check out blogs and interesting content? Why not get in touch with them and see if they accept guest posts – you’ve nothing to lose!
  6. LinkedIn groups – These are often overlooked but if you can find the right group, it is a great way to increase your network and promote your website through your contributions
  7. Facebook groups – While we are on the subject of groups, Facebook has some good ones too. Depending on your industry, the synergy may not be as strong but engagement in these groups is normally very high
  8. Run Email Campaigns – When you see surveys which list the most effective digital marketing tools, email often comes close to the top for good reason. If you’ve got the database, this is a virtually no-cost exercise too
  9. Keep experimenting – You will only know what works best for you by giving lots of different ideas a try. Why not try Snapchat, or record a quick podcast?
  10. Always measure – Trying all of these ideas is great but you need to have some systems in place to see which ones are working and which ones aren’t. Where possible make your URLs specific to your campaign so that you can track where your traffic has come from. The least you should do is get close to your analytics package

And that’s it – I hope that you find this guide helpful and if you have any quick and simple ideas for driving traffic, why not leave a comment and share your experience.