Online lead generation programs should increase your profits. It’s simple to get more traffic, more clicks and even more revenue. The hard part is establishing and maintaining a lead generation campaign that increases your customers, sales, and the efficiency of your marketing over time.

Learn how to maximize the profitability and long-term success of your program with these 10 secrets of online lead generation.

  1. Organize your content so that it is easy to navigate. Don’t make users hunt around for the information they’re seeking.
  2. Qualify customers through the lead form. Don’t request too much information, just enough data to qualify a lead.
  3. Always update the landing page of offers that may have expired.
  4. Ensure that keywords bring users to the correct landing page. The goal should be to fulfill your promise to the customer.
  5. Continually monitor landing pages to ensure there are no broken pages or loading errors. Slow loading times and loading errors = no customers.
  6. Avoid using pop-ups on your landing pages. They are often seen as annoying by users. 
  7. Offer more than one way for customers to convert, i.e. phone, online form, etc.
  8. Know and understand your target audience so your product or service sells itself. Perfect example of a poor qualified lead generation program: Small font size on a website for a 60+ audience.
  9. Constantly analyze your lead generation program and make improvements along the way.
  10. Always, always invest in testing! Test the lander, then test again. Test the offer, then test again. We call this rinse, wash and repeat.

Remember, the effectiveness of your campaign rises in direct proportion to the amount of value you deliver and to how many people to which you deliver it. By incorporating these tips into your next online lead generation campaign, you’ll ensure you’re not missing out on qualified, lifelong customers.

Author:  Ken Robbins is president and founder of Response Mine Interactive (RMI), an award-winning digital agency that helps companies acquire more customers using direct response interactive marketing. Since 2001, RMI has generated billions of dollars in sales for leading brands in the retail, healthcare, travel, home services and business channels.