businessHaving a website for your business can be a good way to harness the Internet’s power to promote your company, but it’s not as easy as you think. There are literally millions of websites out there, many promoting services like yours. If you want to ensure your website stands out, there are a few things you should include.


Anyone who teaches you how to make your own website will tell you using stock photos is one of the best ways to make your company website appear professional. Many websites use well-taken stock photos — there is something about these photos that makes your website look more official and attractive.

With your business website builder, you need to ensure your logo and brand are on every page of the site. Your goal is to make your professional logo the first thing people see when they load your site, as that is what sets your company apart from the rest. If your logo isn’t distinctive, few people will remember your company and your website.


Apps make a website worth using as well as easier to use. You’ll give your visitors the ability to do everything they need to do without leaving your website, and it keeps them on your home page.


Icons draw attention to your website’s various features and enhance your site’s visual appeal. Sure, you can use text links for the different elements on your site, but it’s websites with simple icons and pictures that stand out in your mind — sites like Apple, Square and Facebook. It makes the page more interesting and it draws your eye to its elements.

Mobile Device Design

If there’s one thing that annoys most mobile device users, it’s websites that are not designed for mobile platforms. All the text and images are displayed clearly when the page is loaded, but side-scrolling is just annoying when you’re using your smartphone. Designing your website to be viewed easily on mobile devices will promote your website to people browsing the Internet from their phone, iPod or tablet.

Landing Page

A landing page communicates important information clearly before your visitors reach your home page. You can have a simple landing page appear when the home page is loaded for the first time and you can use it to welcome guests to your site, explain your mission, etc.

Color Scheme

The color scheme you use will be one of the most important elements of your Web design. Imagine a website for a tattoo parlor with a yellow background, and white and pink as the colors. Would that sell the concept? Absolutely not! Make sure your company’s color scheme is professional, consistent with the business you are running and matches your company’s logo.

Call to Action

If there is one thing that will increase your conversion rate drastically, it’s telling people what to do. Often people won’t sign up for a newsletter or buy a product because there is no direction to do so. Include a call to action in the right places and you’ll get more business.


The website’s layout and design needs to be consistent throughout. You don’t want people to hunt to find the navigation bar or contact form. Make sure the important items are in the same place on every page.

Without a doubt, having a good navigation layout for your website is crucial. Your visitors need to find their way around quickly, and it’s a good rule of thumb that your website should allow your visitors to find what they’re looking for in three or four clicks. Provide visitors with an easy way to reach your home page, as well as other important pages.