Engage your employees to scale faster, raise revenue & ensure customer satisfaction. Easier said than done! Fortunately, technology, especially online community is changing the game.

In fact, some of the leading organizations – Jive, Salesforce, Adobe, Pernod Ricard, and more build online communities & leverage them heavily to build better workplaces, motivate employees, help them do their jobs better & in time, improve their bottomline.


Studies have shown that companies with engaged employees rake in 2.5X more revenue (gasp!) vs. companies with non-engaged employees.

With disgruntled & disengaged employees, a vicious circle starts.

Vicious Circle

Moreover, as per a survey in US by Dale Carnegie:

To engage employees, initiatives like engagement strategies, innovative working spaces, great perks and more have been started. However, there is one thing that many organizations tend to keep on a back-burner. The portal or the company intranet.

The Portal Malaise!

In the older days, when Cloud Computing was not there and servers, complicated devices ruled the world; portals were an excellent way to get everybody on the same track.

However, with Cloud Computing, BYOD, IOT and endless (and lightning) fast changes in the way we work, travel and communicate; it’s time to say bye to the legacy systems.

Part of the reason to retire them stems from the fact, even when the employees and intranet administrators put in sincere efforts into running it, this is what they kept experiencing:

Portal Malaise

Additionally, legacy systems have these disadvantages-

  • Difficult navigation
  • Hard search
  • Cluttered and chaotic UI
  • Lack of social media integration
  • Non-mobile friendly
  • Non-localized
  • High maintenance

Answer To The Portal Malaise

Online Employee Communities. If you have an employee community:

Employee Community

Anticipating the needs of the new economy, multiple platforms have products designed especially for employees. These online community platforms come with features like-

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Single Sign On
  • Mobile Ready UI & UX
  • Deep integration with CRM & Marketing Automation Systems
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Standalone Messaging Apps

Here’s A Takeaway For You-

Jack of all tradesTo set up, build & populate an online employee community that is easy to use, has a high adoption rate & actually delivers value, this checklist should come in handy.

Your Employee Community needs to have-

  • User Groups
  • Survey Integration, poll setups
  • Rich knowledgebase – Marketing Collaterals, Sales Documents, Training Plans
  • Powerful & Clear Permission Sets
  • HR policy information
  • Announcements regarding – Internal Job Postings, New Hires, New Promotions,
  • Company News –New Customers, Branding Changes, Messages from the CEO/Founders
  • Employees Personnel Information
  • Secure File Sharing Platform
  • Case Login Functionality

An online community will get you to move away from numerous emails, lost messages, time consuming searches to find information, time consuming meetings/calls, geographical constraints, and so much more! Go ahead, make your employees a happy bunch with an online community & see your engagement rates rising.

This blog was originally published at Grazitti.