We have been busy this summer reaching out to customers of Intranet Connections and asking them to share intranet stories of how they built successful social intranets.

Huntsworth Health

Huntsworth Health is a global family providing consulting and communications services to the healthcare industry and the pharmaceutical world. HHNA is the parent company of six sister companies who support the development and post-launch marketing lifecycle of new drugs. HHNA as a whole provides those six agencies with their IT, HR, Accounting, and Marketing services to help them get their daily jobs done. Lauren Koller, Executive Assistant to the CEO, explains how their healthcare intranet uses engaging visuals to provide their 450 employees with company resources.

Design & Branding

HHNA’s graphics team added an animated header image using Adobe Flash. The intranet’s theme and colors change monthly to match their corporate branding. They are taking this tactic a step further by facilitating color coordination for all departments throughout the company.

Lauren uses their corporate color scheme to help organize email and intranet communications. Now employees can automatically associate colors with their corresponding departments.

Employee Resources

Lauren and her team have a unique spin on displaying employee forms on the intranet. They take screen shots of documents to give employees a quick preview of the form they are about to download. This illustrative approach facilitates how people locate forms.

In the employee forms area there is a quick poll asking “Did you find what you are looking for?”

Lauren gathers feedback daily and acts on requests right away. Recently an employee couldn’t easily find a time off request form so they let Lauren know. Lauren took the employees advice and added it front and center in the HR document area. Gathering employee feedback improves how employees find information, allowing them to work faster.

New Employee Recognition and Onboarding

The Team Members page shows who’s coming to the HHNA team. New employees are displayed in alphabetical order with pictures and short biographies to introduce them to the organization. To onboard new employees, Lauren provides them with a welcome packet and walks them through the intranet in a 15 minute one on one session. This approach adds a personal touch to bringing new employees to the organization and helps identify intranet areas that may be problematic and not as intuitive to a new user looking for information and advice.

HHNA in the News

The Corporate Communications menu houses press releases. This keeps the six agencies under the HHNA umbrella in the loop about what’s happening publicly in their organization.


Lauren embeds a monthly newsletter on the intranet. Information provided in the newsletter is linked back to areas of the intranet.

CEO Announcements

HHNA’s CEO records videos to share company updates which are then posted on the intranet. Topics include holiday messages and quarterly financial results. To promote executive involvement on the intranet, Laura is considering having other executive record videos to fill the gaps when their CEO is away on business.

Go Green with HH Blog

The Go Green committee uses the intranet to promote and educate employees about being more environmentally friendly. Green travel tips like commuting with public transportation or eating at locally owned restaurants were included in the most recent edition.

A big thank you to Lauren for her time and sharing such a wide variety of screen snaps to show the unique and innovative ways in which they are using their social intranet.

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