Dropbox is taking the world by storm, the office world that is. If you don’t know what Dropbox is, it is time you learn. Many offices are using Dropbox, and being able to use it effectively will make you standout candidate when they are hiring. Many professors have also started to use Dropbox, if you want to be successful in both your professional and educational life, it is good idea to understand how Dropbox works. What is so great about Dropbox anyways, and why would you want to learn how to use Dropbox?

Understand Dropbox

Dropbox provides a web-based file system that is easy to use. It allows people to submit files, and all of those that have access are able to see the files. This is easy because people do not need to have permission each time a document is created. Dropbox is also convenient because it syncs automatically. You do not have to go in manually sync it. Once a document is added to Dropbox, everyone that has permission to the folders will be able to see it. Dropbox is nice because once you have access to it, you can access your documents from anywhere you have an internet connection. You will not have to worry about leaving documents at the office.

Professors like Dropbox because it allows them to comment and return assignments that are submitted in Dropbox. Dropbox eliminates a lot of problems that come with emailing documents.

Once you are familiar with the layout of Dropbox, it is an extremely easy program to use. On the top it shows all your Dropbox, it shows all of the files that you have access to. When you are first setting up Dropbox, or people are sharing files with you, you will need an invitation to see the documents, but that is a one time deal. You won’t have to ask permission to share, or to see documents.

Uploading is also very easy. It is just like uploading documents for an email. Except it’s faster, and will always show you if it went through or not. There are tabs on the right which give you different options that help you share folders, and upload.

In the middle of your screen, it shows, by name, all of the files that belong to you. You can upload pictures, videos, and documents on Dropbox. This can help you share things with family members.

Dropbox is also very useful because once you upload something, you won’t have to upload it again. You will always have it forever. You can look at documents that you wrote years ago.

Dropbox is a great tool that many have learned to use. It will really benefit you in your professional and educational life. Employers will be attracted to you because they will not have to spend time and resources to teach you Dropbox. Professors will like you because you won’t be asking questions about how Dropbox works. Get to using Dropbox!

About the Author
Neltje Maynez is a freelance writer for MyCollegesandCareers.com a site that helps people determine if an online education is right for them and helps them understand which online schools they can choose from to reach their goals.