Bonnier Corporation, one of the largest consumer publishing groups in America, recently launched their new social intranet, powered by Intranet Connections, to provide improved navigation and design features to better suit the organizations entrepreneurial mindset. Amanda Chu, Operations Manager, gave us a look inside their social intranet.

Bonnier’s home page design mirrors their company websites look and feel. This is a smart move as it immediately ties the intranet to Bonnier’s brand and modernizes the intranet design, bringing a level of familiarity to their employees.

Bonnier at 1,100 employees, is a large company, so there was a need to create department sites for each business division. To organize the eleven main departments on the intranet, Amanda created clearly marked menu headers for easy navigation. Each department site has identical menu links on the right side of the page, to standardize and maintain consistency in content and layout.

Bonnier’ intranet has a Department Leadership Page with pictures of executives, their bios and links to the employee directory profile. Each leader’s name is linked back to their employee profile, providing information on their expertise, skills and interests. Employees like this feature because it gives them the ability to learn more about the decision makers in their organization. Amanda loves the ease in which she can link from page to page, generating multiple avenues for employees to find information, people, and content of interest.

Bonnier introduces new hires to the intranet with their New Hire Package, where they review information about the company, learn more about their role at Bonnier, other areas of the intranet to visit, and HR has reduced the paper trail because the expanded new hire documentation is all available on the intranet.

Popular tools include a travel request form, facilities request, holiday schedule, and the Brand Leadership area that showcases Bonnier’s various media and publications, including Popular Science, RideBMX, Sport Fishing, Garden Design, Parenting and BabyTalk magazines.

Bonnier promotes corporate culture with their entrepreneurial vision and provides a company overview section that talks about how the company started, the company vision and its core values.

The Intranet Connections team would like to thank Amanda Chu for sharing her insightful ideas from the Bonnier intranet.