If you saw our Peyton Manning calculator, then you probably don’t need me to repeat on how much of a Colts fan I am. But let me just say this real quick – I’m a huge freaking Colts fan!

Some people thought that based on my last story on Peyton Manning that I’m upset about how he’s no longer with the Colts. However, I supported Jim Irsay completely when we let “The King” go. It was tough but we turned around and hired “The Prince”, Andrew Luck, who I dare say might surpass Manning in his career.

As you know we’re a real estate company, and for the full explanation of how I came up with this mortgage calculator idea check out the Peyton Manning calculator. Basically, we thought it would be fun to break down a famous football players statistics as if they got paid per statistic and see how long it would take said player to pay off a mortgage. This time around, I thought it would be interesting to go from the ultra-rich-veteran Manning, and compare him to rich-but-not-as-rich rookie Andrew Luck (I like to call him Drewski).

Here is what I figured out using 2012 statistics and Luck’s $5,527,000 salary…

Passing Completions

  • 339 completions
  • $16,303 per completion
  • 15.3 completions to pay off a $250,000 mortgage

Passing Attempts

  • 627 attempts
  • $8,814 per attempt
  • 28.4 attempts to pay off a $250,000 mortgage

Yards Thrown

  • 4374 yards
  • $1,263 per yard
  • 197.9 yards to pay off a $250,000 mortgage

Touchdown passes

  • 23 TD passes
  • $240,304 per TD
  • 1.04 TD’S to pay off a $250,000 mortgage

This is interesting because although the numbers aren’t quite as high Peyton’s, he can still pay off a mortgage incredibly fast. Isn’t it interesting to put into perspective how much these guys make? I don’t mean for this to scrutinize the players, they make all that money because of how much we love watching football and how profitable the NFL is. If this ever gets in front of Peyton’s or Andrew’s face I hope it inspires them to really do good with all that money. Either that or just buy me a house…