Your supporters are worth more than their own donations.

Today, individuals are agents of change who can leverage power, and subsequent gifts, through their own social networks. Consider that 600,000+ petitions were created on in 2015 alone, crowdfunding exploded into a multi-million dollar industry and the creation of citizen powered movements has played an enormous role in bringing issues to the forefront.

Everyday influencers are more connected and empowered than ever an play an increasingly powerful role in organizing their own niche communities. Think nurse by day, activist by night, modern movement building is fueled by the networked individual who shares, engages, and ultimately mobilizes their own social networks around a their passion. Your job is to find them and convert them into your organization’s social ambassadors.

We’ll show you how to radically boost your fundraising engagement by adding one piece you’re probably missing from your #GivingTuesday campaign – a social ambassador plan.

Here’s a look at the 3 major steps in tapping into your undiscovered social wealth and mobilizing your influencers around end of year giving:


Since influencers have the ability to recruit their network of friends to donate, you’ll want to first identify influencers in your email list using tools like The goal is to segment your influencers, as you would donors, for the purpose of cultivating this distinctly powerful group to share your campaign message. Once you segment by social influence, send this small but powerful group an email about a week from #GivingTuesday and Nov 29, with the ask to share your content. Again, the primary CTA is to share, not donate.


This can be as simple as asking folks to hold up sign for a classic “unselfie challenge” or as sophisticated as the Luries Children’s Hospital’s Ambassador’s platform. In terms of delivering content you can 1) include the share content in the email, 2) include the url to a landing page in the email body and/or 3) engage directly on social. The key is to offer content that’s easy to share to share on Facebook, Twitter or other networks where your audience hangs out.


If this is your first year mobilizing social influencers around EOY fundraising, keep it simple by tracking total donations brought in by influencers and your social reach. Tracking online donations will depend on your tools but generally involve either including a tracking code at the end of your donation page url or creating a dedicated fundraising page. At the end of the event, compare the number of ambassador generated donations with the total donations.

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