As the world looks to mobilize new norms to work out this pandemic, nonprofit organizations appear to be on the edge as they look to help provide for the community. In this time of distress, your nonprofit organization needs to build a strong strategy to fulfill your fundraising goals. Now that fundraising events are not a possibility, technology provides the beaming light that could cater to your needs. Properly harnessing the power of technology will enable your organization to raise donations and now, more than ever, when it’s desperately needed for providing crucial aid.

Here’s what can be done:

Online fundraising – In a time of massive lockdown, running an online fundraising campaign is the way to go. Let your donors know that you are still open for donations. Tell them how the organization is looking forward to helping the community, with specific objectives, goals and a roadmap.

Understand that people tend to give more to help during the time of a crisis. Share messages across social media with relevant hashtags. This will also help you in the long run with a new donor database. Moreover, do not forget your regular donors. Send them emails about your fundraising plans and how you need their help.

Online events – Hold interactive events online, such as bidding or auctioning to increase engagement. As people tend to spend more time on social media in the current scenario of working remotely, an interactive event will create a sense of excitement in the community– something lacking in many individuals during the noise of this pandemic.

Online marketing – For all the essential aspects that you might cover for your online fundraising campaign, an online marketing strategy must be an integral part. Your online presence is defined by how you interact with your donors, supporters and your overall community online. Use social media channels and promote your campaign through interactive posts, including videos, graphics, creatives or live sessions. Reshape your website before every campaign and turn it into the campaign colors, put banners and increase visitor attention towards the campaign. Allot a feasible amount of budget for paid ads online, if you’re looking out to reach a greater number of people.

If talking strictly in terms of your organization, acting early would help you move away from all the competition to gain donors later, as most nonprofit events are now postponed for a later time in the year. Therefore, when autumn arrives – when the major fundraising season begins– you would already have an edge over the majority of other nonprofits that host annual fundraising events during that time.

Remain visible online as it is where most of your donors are going to spend their time during this period of isolation. Catch their attention and extend your mission as the main focus for your community. While the goal of fundraising is to sustain your efforts, do not forget to meticulously mention the need for your supporters to stay indoors and maintain proper hygiene.

Meanwhile, if you are new to conducting non-traditional fundraising events, make sure you follow the basic guidelines.

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