When people talk about digital marketing, they usually think about small businesses or large corporations. However, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and churches have to do digital marketing too. They have to realize that they are after different goals. Government agencies usually want to provide valuable information to their citizens. Churches are trying to attract members to their ministries or to the congregation. Nonprofits want donations and volunteers. Here are some tips to help you with the digital market of your nonprofit.


To get donations and more volunteers, you have to inform people of what you are doing. Blogs and newsletters are a great way to keep your current members informed, but they have the added bonus of attracting others to your site. Blogs show you are an expert, provide valuable information and provide content for search engines. Newsletters are longer and are usually sent through email. They also help keep your donors informed and provide valuable information. Newsletters are especially helpful after a fundraising event where you can thank those involved and tell how much money was raised. You could take information in a newsletter and put it in a blog and get two for the price of one.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are perfect for marketing your nonprofit organization. You can post pictures and videos from events. You can target a younger audience. You can post messages that you want to get to the general public. Nonprofit organizations often get comments and shares on the posts because people are interested in them. Joining groups on your social media accounts is a great way to reach people you don’t know. If they share the post, it will go to all their friends. In groups, you are able to discuss your passions that is not as easy to do in your own accounts because they might share similar passions.

Online Events

Nonprofits are always having online events. They raise money or awareness. They support others in the community. They offer help when necessary. These online events are a way to promote your nonprofit to the community. However, don’t just use online events you do. Find events where you can have a table to provide information about your nonprofit. This will bring you and your organization to others in the neighborhood. You will be able to talk to other vendors and meet the people who have come to your table. You could follow up with those people later.

Guest Posting

Nonprofits are created for one purpose. To build a following online, you have to bring people to your website. Guest posting is a way to show you are an expert, you are passionate about this issue and a way to bring people back to your website. Find some key publications and submit articles to those publications. This will give people you don’t know valuable information and a link to your website where they can get more information.

Online Networking

Many nonprofits spread their message online and other ways of networking. When you meet people online, you build a relationship with others that will help support your cause and events. In addition, many companies will sponsor one charity as part of their business plan. Therefore, when you have a fund-raising event, you will have ready-made sponsors for the event.

Press Releases

Nonprofits often don’t want to send press releases, but getting the media involved in your cause will help you. If you send regular press releases, you will have journalists get to know you and be willing to do a story on you and your organization. Getting media attention is essential if you want to improve your fund-raising results.