The holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s time to step up your nonprofit organization’s marketing game. With a Santa ringing a bell on every corner and fundraiser flyers circulating through the neighborhood at record speed, it’s clear that the spirit of giving is rampant this time of year — so you better take advantage of it. Here are some fun and festive ways to bring in record-breaking funds for your organization this holiday season.

Update Your Sites

From your website to your Facebook page to your Twitter profile, update everything to show visitors that you are excited about the season. There is an abundance of low-cost holiday pictures you can download from stock image companies (ShutterStock,CanStockPhoto, etc.) to spruce up your websites. And the best part is, you only have to buy them once, because you can use the same ones every year. You don’t even have to do too much. Just a little snowflake here or an ornament there will let them know that you have the holiday spirit, which is often contagious.

Join the Giving Game

It’s true that people love to give during the holidays, but they also like to receive. For this reason, Sendible suggests a daily giveaway counting down to Christmas. Ask around to neighboring restaurants and movie theaters for donations for your cause. Then, promote your giveaway, offering an entry for every $10 donated. Make sure you talk about your giveaway on all of your social media accounts and that you mark each post with the same hashtag (#GiveAndWinForBreastCancer). You might even want to offer additional entries if people share the giveaway with their friends.

Create Themed Infographics

Did you realize that over 65 percent of the general public learns visually? It’s true, according to WebDam, and it means that you need to spread the word about your cause in a way that appeals to the masses. The best way to do this is with an infographic. Come up with one that shows how many people are affected by the issue/disease you represent. Show them where their donations are going. Any information that you think would encourage people to donate should be put together on an appealing infographic. Their visual nature also makes them ideal for sharing on social media — yes, that is a recurring theme, but it’s one that nonprofits usually don’t capitalize on as much as they should.

Send Out Holiday Cards

In today’s world of email and Facebook, very few people send out tangible holiday cards anymore. That’s exactly why you should be doing it. While you always want to find new donors, it may be even more important to retain the ones you have. They already understand your mission and you know they support it. Send a card out to everyone on your current donor list to let them know you appreciate everything they have given. You might also want to include a branded magnet or calendar to help your nonprofit stay in the forefront of their minds throughout the year. If you just can’t swing the budget for paper cards, e-cards are better than nothing.

Host a Holiday Party


Everyone loves a celebration this time of year, so why don’t you throw the best one in town? You can go as formal or casual as you like, but charge an entry fee that goes straight to your cause. In addition, you can have a silent auction with items donated by the small businesses in your town. This will give them a marketing opportunity while helping to raise money for your organization. And yes, once again, make sure to thoroughly market your event on social media. It’s one of the most effective and affordable advertising methods out there — especially for nonprofits.

Even though you are undoubtedly busy this time of year, if you can put a little extra effort into your holiday marketing campaign, you are sure to see donations increase.